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Wow, my last post was my 500th post! In other news regarding me, 😉 I am happy to report I will be doing something fun on my summer vacation. I will be going to my favorite spot: the beach! I have 3 days off for my birthday. I will stay at the beach for two nights and 3 days. So excited. In the back of my mind I’m thinking I should be saving all my money for school and fixing up my house. But most of the serene moments I’ve had, have been at the beach. I have to go this year.

Sad news: My Kindle Keyboard has a new crack on the border (versus on the screen). I don’t think it will get any bigger or that it means anything but my kindle is hurt. 😦 I sleep with both Kindles. NO WE HAVEN’T HAD SEX. We just cuddle. Anyway, sometimes I forget to put the screen down on my KK. I guess that is what made a small crack in the screen. I just feel so negligent. I suck.

It has been less than 30 days since I’ve had the Kindle Fire and I already feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth. Everything else is a bonus. I’m going to do a mini review of the best Fire apps one day. My favorite new thing is playing Scrabble against the computer. I didn’t think I would even use the app since I have the game on my computer. Everything is more fun on the Fire.


I listened to Rachel Maddow’s Fresh Air interview. (It is probably on and iTunes) First I must say that I love that she has a new book out because she is doing so much press! Yes, I’m a big fan. I wish I could go to one of her book signings. I would just faint…Anyway, Rachel talked about having depression. I can’t imagine doing what she does every night and dealing with that. She said she is a highly functioning depressive.

I’m a moderately functioning depressive. I’ve read about people who literally cannot get out of bed so I know I must be at least moderately functioning. What really resonated with me is her inability to concentrate when she is going through a cycle of depression. She has to read books in one day for her job. When she is depressed, she can’t do that. That is the story of my life right now. I love to read but my lack of concentration makes me sad. 😦 It takes me forever to read these days. I’ve read a lot since I’ve had my KK and thank Buddha for that. Without it, I think I would have given up reading a variety of topics. I would only read the books that really interest me (narrow selection).

I must admit that I enjoy hoarding collecting books more than I do reading the actual books. Concentrating is so hard. I end up getting frustrated. Another plus of the KK is that it can read to you! So while I’m working sometimes I will have that feature on. Of course I like to collect/highlight quotes so I try not to do that with nonfiction books.


One more thing before I go: I would like to thank the kids next door for constantly bouncing that basketball. It reminds me that I cannot take a chance and buy something in the city. Who knows what I will get? music, nonstop barking dogs, bouncing balls etc. Thank you. Thank you. Country, here I come. And here I thought I was a city girl. How things change…..

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