I now weigh 120lbs. I can’t believe it. How did I go from being borderline underweight 15 months ago to 120 pounds??! I freaked out when I saw that on the scale. Now I’m on a mission. NO MORE SWEETS! I stopped eating cookies and most things a while ago. But once a week or so I would eat a cupcake or my fave, red velvet cake. I can’t do that anymore. I’m trying to not freak out. 120lbs is not a lot (by any standard) but I have never weighed this much. I want to weigh 115 for as long as I can. OMG who freaks out over 5lbs? Um, ME.

I just did a 1/2 of mile on the treadmill. After work I plan on doing more. The worst thing about working at home is getting less exercise. At work I would run the stairs sometimes. I walked a lot etc. I’m going to get fit. Hopefully no more weight freak outs. Side note: When I have enough battery, I can watch TV shows on my Kindle Fire while working out. It is currently charging so no TV today. I love that it fits perfectly on the treadmill.


I went to the christian concert with my coworker. Like most social things, it didn’t go well. It would not have been so bad if it weren’t 6 hours! By the 4 hour mark, I was bored and irritated. I wanted a nap. :/ I could not wait to get out of there. Um, I don’t think she will be asking me to go anywhere else. 😦 Of course, I thought that the last time she asked me to go somewhere. So who knows? I just hope I didn’t offend her in anyway. Oh well. If only it had been 2 hours instead.


Every once in a while I go on Ebay and go nuts. Just nuts. It happened on Sunday morning. I brought 2 Bebe tops. I got them at a bargain, I think. When I went to Bebe in NYC* I brought a blouse for $50. I returned it the very next day (and my last day there).  What was I thinking? Anyhow, that was one of the lowest priced items. So I’m guessing these blouses retail at that price.


Tiny pictures. 😉


*Speaking of NYC I want to go back again. But the hotel prices are outrageous. Last time I went for two nights and I got a great deal at The Kimberly Hotel. It is right off of 5th Avenue. Now I can’t find any deals. So far I’m not doing anything for my summer vacation. heh. Well I am taking my mom to North Carolina during my vacay from work. But it is in the middle of nowhere. I have never been to North Carolina so I’m excited to go. I have to drive about 40 minutes from where we will be staying to get to Duke University. I really want to go there. I’m a big Duke basketball fan and the campus is gorgeous. But I want to go somewhere else too. Either the beach, NYC or maybe Atlantic City. I haven’t been to AC since I was a kid.


Kindle Fire time!

I am now reading on my Fire just as much as I do on my KK! I love being able to read on both. I had to get the screen dimmer app to read on the Fire. Otherwise I would get a headache. I’m sort of loving playing Words with Friends but it is weird to play with strangers. Maybe it is just me. Someone said it perfectly when she said, “The Kindle is a great gateway to other tablets”. I agree. It is a good first device. It would be perfect if the battery life was at least 1-2 hours longer (with Wi-Fi on).

Well I have to go back to work. Lunch is over.

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