Here we go again

lust or love?

EDITED TO ADD: I may keep a running log of my thoughts at the bottom of this post. Afterall, I don’t want a bunch of kindle fire posts when I don’t even own one…yet.

Self control, where art thou?

LOL. I’m seriously thinking about getting a Kindle Fire. WTF is wrong with me? It is nothing but a toy. On the other hand, the iPad is a toy and I would use it for work. But I am not spending that much on a tablet when I have two laptops. (Woah, what???! – I brought one about 5 years ago. Yes it is still working. I never expected it to last this long. It has lasted longer than all my other computers. FYI it is a Campaq Pressaro. My model is no longer made. And the other laptop is practically brand new. It is my mom’s. She never uses it and since my laptop is old/a little slow, she “gave”  her laptop to me. It is a HP Pro Book. I actually like my old laptop better than the ProBook). Now that that is out of the way….where was I?

HP ProBook

Okay so an iPad would be great but I’m not that foolish. So I’m considering a Kindle Fire. I know me. When I think about something this much, I either need to buy it or stop researching it. Buying it sounds so much easier. 😉 I have been working overtime. I did get a tax refund. I no longer buy new clothes since I work at home. I’m saving on gas (but not a ton since I still drive my car). I’m trying to justify my want…

However, I have a house to fix up. Trust me, I’m only doing the minimal. But I don’t know how much that will cost. I have debt. I used some of my extra money to pay the credit card company. ($900 balance – just paid $200. BUT I was planning on paying $400). I have money saved to go to summer school this summer but I don’t have the money in savings for fall yet. Once fall is over, I’M DONE with school but I still have to get certified so I won’t be done studying or spending money.

Sigh. adkfffffffffdkkkkkkkkk

I can taste it. I want one. I love gadgets. If I do get one, I would mainly use it when I travel. (The HP Pro Book is not made for traveling). I would use it daily for mostly streaming music and APPS, APPS, APPS. I already have a regular Kindle (a gift) for reading books so I’m not planning on using the Fire for that.  I don’t know. The Kindle Fire is just so portable. PLUS I am one of the few people who don’t have a smart phone so a Kindle Fire would be my smart phone without the phone. Do you know how long I’ve wanted a smart phone? YEARS. I’m not kidding.

Being a grown up sucks.

I will probably get it. I will decide by tomorrow. I’m beating myself up now for thinking about it but I bet I won’t regret it once I have it……unless something terrible happens. Oh dear! What do I do? I can’t blame Amazon. If it weren’t for them, I would be eying the $199 Samsung Galaxy.


On edit: I’m back to not wanting one now. I can’t get over how much of a toy it is. I want to use it for apps (mostly). I’m finding out that there is a memory issue with a ton of apps and also, with a Fire ALL the Android apps are not available. Only certain apps are available like ESPN, Words w/Friends etc. I dunno. This is not good. If I wait for Kindle Fire 2 -I’m sooooo not patient- will there be more memory? Probably.

This may be a small issue but since I already have a regular Kindle, do I have to keep logging in and out of Amazon to chose which Kindle I want the content downloaded to?

This is a tiny want: I wish it had a microphone. I would be pissed off if I brought a Fire and then the Fire 2 comes with a microphone.


Huh? No spotify app? I started using Spotify last month and now I’m addicted. Bummer. What am I supposed to do? Listen to Pandora or I heart Radio? I guess so…YAY I found the TuneIn App. It isn’t spotify but it will do.


I’m now loading my wishlist with Apps. I’m so getting a Fire. 🙂 ……maybe.


I’ve wanted a smartphone since 2003! THIS IS MY TIME! I’m getting a Kindle Fire….I think.

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