The One

Super Tuesday was a bit of a letdown. But it had some decent moments. I fell asleep 90 minutes before they called Ohio for Romney at 12:30AM. I woke up at 1AM though to Chris Matthews announcing it for the 20th time probably. I was a little surprised because Santorum was leading at 11PM. According to all my sources and well, MATH Romney is going to win the nomination. Someone should really tell Santorum that. I hope he isn’t wasting his own money. I like politics as much as I like sports. I wanted this to drag on but it’s inevitable: Romney’s the man.

I don’t think Obama or Romney is too extreme so I’m not terribly scared. (Santorum OTOH……told you!) Of course I’m voting for Obama even though I am disappointed in him for promising to close  Guantanamo Bay and then not doing it. That isn’t the only thing. But of all the promises he made in 2008, that is the one I will never forget. He has other policies I don’t like too. Romney is a…..who knows?? Does anyone really know? It is all about the economy. If the economy is decent, Obama wins.


I erased my post about sex. Sorry. 🙂


I had my monthly therapy session today. Finally something different. Okay, I feel bad. What if she is reading this? She is a great therapist and I would recommend her to anyone. Social anxiety + other issues is just hard…………………………….

So she dropped the Toastmasters thing but it might come back. I’d be willing to give it a try if it wasn’t an ongoing thing. It is like showing up to a the 6th week  out of 15 weeks of a yoga class. Except I would be more willing to do that than going to a random Toastmasters meeting. How do new people join when there isn’t a start? Perhaps I should contact a meeting leader (ugh! Scary) to see how this works. I want a new group with brand new people. Why the slight – very slight – change of heart? Because dude, I want to be an activist. 😉

There I said it. I don’t want to do it as a job (but that would be fine if it naturally happened). My therapist said “I could see you as an activist”. What the hell does that mean? HUH? I don’t talk to anyone. Why would she say that? I know it probably isn’t an insult (especially if one wants to be an activist) but I still want to know why she said it. LOL.

She asked me “what kind of activist?” I said for the disenfrenchised or maybe LGBT people and finally I mentioned animals.  When I got back home, I’m like DUH! What about mental health? How could I forget that? I feel like this blog could be my mental health activism outlet if I wanted it to be. But I get really tired of talking about it because it is sort of my life. I don’t want to constantly blog about it like I used to as a teenager. I’m more than that. You know? I don’t think about it every second of every day. But I could blog about it a lot more. Easily.

I look at my few role models and most of the ones I really admire are activists. (Not full time in most cases). I care about a lot of issues so why not? Oh, I would have to talk and hang around PEOPLE. Okay then. Maybe not. :/  Seriously I am passionate about:

  • People who come out of prison
  • LGBT issues
  • discrimination
  • mental health issues
  • anti bullying laws/issues

Etc. I probably forget something.

I also would love to open a thrift store. SIGH.

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