a soft place to land

It seems so natural, like it was meant to be. As if I’ve never known another life. So weird. I mean I have had to make adjustments. I have worked 4 days at home. I’m off the next two days. 🙂 I used to just ask for time off to get away from THEM. That is why I’m off the rest of the week. I thought I would still be in the office for sure. Now I am grateful for the time to run chores. I used to run errands during my lunch break whenever possible. I hated going places after work. Anyhow, now I will probably do most things after work.

I had to leave the house today. I know major bummer. 😉 Since I haven’t worked a whole week at home yet (next week will be my first), I don’t know what it is like. Will I feel a need to get out? I sort of hope so BUT I don’t want it to be a dying need. I don’t want to hate being home. I know I will never want to be back in that office. Sorry but I don’t miss the drama. NOT AT ALL.

The downside of working at home for me, is that I feel like I have less time/more to do. For example what I did after work today would have been done doing work hours…if I were at work. Now I’m thinking, “When am I supposed to pick up prescriptions or mail my mail etc?” It’s not really a negative thing just something I have noticed.

I’m also more or less asleep when I start work in the morning. Well, there isn’t much difference there. But while driving to work I would probably wake up a little more. Random.

I think I will try to find things to do outside of the house (well my counselor will probably insist that I do it so um…) The point of all this is that I will be out more…or it will feel like more since I’m doing things AFTER work. I’m so not used to that. I’m used to working near banks, shopping centers, dry cleaners etc. I didn’t see most things as a chore as long as I did it during my work day.

I will probably end up going to a gym at least once a week. (My last Groupon ran out). I may volunteer somewhere. (The cat place I contacted did not respond back). My counselor wants me to join Toastmasters!!! Um, can you say, “WOW what a big jump?” Geez. I guess everything else I did: yoga and cooking classes seemed to easy for me to do.

Geez. Just typing out toastmasters makes my stomach drop. I have thought about doing it before she even suggested it. I will look into but the chances of me going before my next appointment are very slim. I’m too terrified. 😦

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