Helena Beat

I’m off tomorrow. Yay! But with all of this stuff going on, I sort of wish I was working. I just need access to my work email since I WILL BE working from home in 5-6 weeks. I am choosing to say “will be” because I do believe your thoughts control your destiny. (That’s tough with depression but anyway…) I refuse to believe that this will fall through. So in this post I will act as if.

I was HAPPY when I found out. So freakin’ happy. You have no idea what a relief this is. I have to talk about the negative things for one second. Mentally that place is killing me. It is getting worse daily.

Positive things about working from home:

*I’m looking forward to taking less medicine. Without working around people, I won’t need to take my anxiety meds. I can skip it like I do on the weekends. Yes! Less money spent on medicine and also saving trips to the pharmacy. I will continue to take my anti-depressant, of course.

*I get to eat a healthy breakfast. Yogurt and fruit. I don’t eat a real breakfast now for many reasons (time, nausea etc.)

*Hopefully I get to have a nice office. My office will be in my bedroom and it needs a lot of work but with the help of my mom, I think we can fix up my old desk. I brought that desk for about $500, 10 years ago just to build credit. Right now I have a TV on it and a bunch of junk. It is unusable as a desk as of today.

*No more BS. OMG! This is supposed to be positive. But I dread going into that office 90% of the time. It wasn’t always like that.

*I get to save money by saving gas, not buying clothes, and not needing to fill my prescriptions as often.

*Right now we have no overtime. 😦 But if we ever get it back, I will do at least 8 hours a week. (if allowed). I will use all this money for putting my house on the market/saving a down payment.

*I’m confident I will work better. I know I will work faster. I always work faster alone but I’m also trying to get better. I have a hard time concentrating in my current work environment.

*No &%^ing people. 🙂

*I get to watch Morning Joe (MSNBC 6AM-9AM EST) every morning. That is the best news show on TV. If you haven’t watched it, do yourself a favor.

*I can listen to any music or podcast I want without having to worry about whether the person in the next cubicle can hear it.

*I will look forward to getting out of the house more and yes, even being around people. There is a volunteer opportunity involving animals that I’m interested in. I’m calling them next week.

I can probably go on. There will be things I miss…like the building. LOL. I love that building. 🙂 I will still go there to workout occasionally but it won’t be the same.

I’m so thankful. I feel so blessed for this opportunity. I just need to get through these days. There have been so many times during the past 3-4 months when I wanted to give a two week notice. Basically working at home will save my health. The End.

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