House full of empty rooms

I was going to erase my last entry. It is harsh but I do feel that way when they act that way. So why should I erase it? To act like I’m above that kind of thinking? No.

Check out my brand new bag:

Kathy Van Zeeland bag

I swear it looks better and larger in person. It is a true bohemian chic bag. I love it. I really didn’t want to buy it. 😉 But a Kathy bag for $14 = BARGAIN.  Even the cashier was shocked at the price. “Wow, what a markdown” Yes my lucky day. I will switch my bags weekly now. I usually only buy bags when the other one is so worn out. My other bag (Nine West – on sale) I brought 3 months ago and it is in good shape despite me dragging it everywhere for the past 3 months.

I was just supposed to buy socks. That’s all. But I browsed the purses as I always do. Most of the time I do not leave with a purse.


I don’t usually watch the State of the Union address. I know the state of the union. Plus the media leaks stuff in advance. I usually just watch the news the next day. But since I’ve been watching 75% of the Republican debates, I’m really following politics again. I have Daily Kos delivered to my kindle daily. I read it every morning while drinking my coffee. I watch MSNBC way too much. I will watch the State of the Union address…or at least I will try. I like the debates better because they are a little less scripted.

I’m fascinated by the republican primaries. I’m still shocked Santorum isn’t getting more votes. He is the conservative of all conservatives. Google some of the things this man has said.  Jaw dropping. I guess he doesn’t have enough money to compete with Romney and he doesn’t have the name to compete with Newt.

Who will win in November? I have no idea. I really think the republican nominees are too far right to win the general election. You would think there would be at least one moderate. (Well I believe Romney is a closeted moderate so…) I don’t know. Politics is a lot like sports for me. It’s entertainment. But if the “wrong” people win, there could be some fucked up stuff happening. I happen to be thinking of what Romney will do to people making under $20,000. Their taxes will skyrocket. I think that is just wrong. I could go on but that is what sticks out most in my mind from reading their tax plans over the weekend.

Well I’ve done my nightly chores. Going to read and watch MSNBC all night. Oh yeah, and try to sleep. I didn’t do a good job of that last night.

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