Cactus In The Valley

Diet/way of eating: It is going okay. The best thing I got out of the 17 Day Diet book is drinking green tea. I don’t drink sodas anymore! Finally. I always felt too old to drink sodas but I couldn’t come up with a decent alternative. That book convinced me that anything is better than drinking sodas. I wish I enjoyed drinking water because my diet is severely lacking that.

I also eat less sweets than before but the cravings aren’t gone. I’m sure that the 3-5 pounds I lost probably came back. But my new rules are: No sodas, no fast food, and limiting sweets. When the diet was new, I ate no sweets. Once the novelty wore off, I wanted my sweets. So I may eat something once a week. The only time this is really hard is when I want to work extra hours at work and I know something sweet will make me stay longer. LOL.

One of my goals is to make myself do overtime during the week. On the weekends, I’m going to get my house ready to sell. That is a lot of work. Anyway, the environment at work has been the problem. Why would I want to stay one second longer than I have to? MONEY? I have never been motivated by money. But I do hate debt and I want to buy a new house/townhouse so shouldn’t that be a motivator? Ideally it should be….

Not to mention how tired I am…I’m going to try to work an extra hour or two at least 3 days a week this week. I would plan to do it all on Friday afternoon but who knows what might come up? So I need to space it out.

Speaking of Friday afternoons – I went to my cooking class this past Friday. I drank red and white wine. I had no idea how strong it would be. It didn’t even taste that good! But it was drinkable. 🙂 Yeah, I kind of was drunk. It wasn’t a bad way to spend a Friday night. PEOPLE WERE THERE! OMG! Initially I was very tense but for a person with social anxiety, it wasn’t that bad. Once the wine sank in, I even laughed at someone’s joke! He was extremely extroverted. Normally these people make me uncomfortable in group settings but with wine he was tolerable. I totally get why people are alcoholics but that is another entry.

The cooking part wasn’t so good. We had an awesome chef but since I’m a novice, I needed more of a beginner’s class. I need a “How to boil water” class. We were in groups of four that formed naturally – thank g-d. I managed to NOT make eye contact with anyone besides the chef. Even wine can’t help me there.

The food:  We made four dishes. I did get hands on experience while some people shied away from that. I actually did stuff! I only liked the vegetarian lasagna. Loved it. I will never try fish tacos again. The chicken breast was too tough. I could barely chew it. Oh I did like the devil food cake, of course. Sweets!

I probably won’t do it again. Like I said it isn’t a bad way to spend an afternoon but it isn’t cheap. It did make me want to cook. I wanted to make the vegetable lasagna, but a food processor is needed and I don’t have one so I went on the net surfing for other things. I made baked chicken parmesan last night! The chicken breasts came out amazingly perfect. The only thing that would have made it better is probably using salt. Everything I used was salt free so I thought it came out a little bland but my mom who is used to eating salt free, loved it.

Before baking:

before pic

Too much cheese??? I really don’t know. 😉 I didn’t measure it.

Finished product:



I didn’t do everything the recipe said to do but I followed most of it. The croutons are the key part. You must try this if you like to cook. So all in all, I’m glad I went to the class, I never would have randomly decided to try chicken parmesan without the class. I think my next thing will be baked fish.

Well I have to go. I didn’t get a chance to blog about how I took my kindle to Walmart to see the other Kindles. He (my kindle) wanted to know why the other kindles were locked up. “How can they breathe?” “Are they okay without books?”. I had no answers to his questions. Walmart was out of iPads and very low on Kindles. They need to reorder. I must admit that iPad looked nice. I know I would love it but I don’t need one (lol – of course) since I have a laptop. But I wouldn’t turn down one. After reading the reviews on the Kindle Fire, I have decided it probably isn’t worth the money. But I love my kindle keyboard.

Oh, I have to go. Laundry, prescriptions, cleaning, etc.

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