Enough for always

wish I was there

I wanted to type some text before posting these pics but I messed the whole thing up. Anyhow, these photos were taken in August 2011.  (I know – late). It was 95 degrees. I’m still a little bitter about spending $8.00 on visiting the “garden” that day. It was so small. I love nature but I can go to the park for free. I expected to get lost in flowers but all I was, was hot, sweaty and walking around in circles seeing everything twice. At least I got some decent pics.


In my past entry I mentioned not having a smartphone but wanting one. I googled (and binged) everything. The only solution seemed to be “buy an overpriced smartphone with monthly payments and a two year contract”. Well that is not feasible for me. However, while reading the latest issue of PC Magazine on my kindle, I think I found a solution. Unfortunately the solution costs $199 so I won’t be buying it for me but someone else may find this info helpful.

If you want  a smartphone without the phone part, the answer is Samsung Galaxy 4.0 Android MP3 Player. The name is a little misleading to me. If I saw that, I would think “Um, I don’t need a MP3 player!!” Forget the Mp3 part. It can do everything a smartphone does…well except dial out.

Surf the Internet, take photos, play games, and carry your music, videos, and other media wherever you go with the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0. Powered by Android 2.3.5, the player features a 1 GHz processor, a 4-inch Super Clear LCD touchscreen, and front- and rear-facing cameras. It also gives you access to over 250,000 apps including games, productivity software, and more..

*DROOL* That would be perfect for me!! Did I read “250,000 apps”???! ::dies::  That is exactly what I was looking for. It sounds to good to be true. About the camera: it has horrible reviews so if you plan on taking a lot of pics – don’t buy this gadget. The main drawback for me is that it still doesn’t have 3G. SCREAM. It only connects via wifi. I don’t know about everyone else but we don’t have Wi-fi at work. So I wouldn’t be able keep up with the news, for example.

I love gadgets. I used to know about every new thing. Anyhow, unless I can pay for it in monthly payments (with no interest), I will not be getting the Samsung Galaxy. Sounds like a dream though.

I feel guilty for even thinking about another device, when I have my one week old Kindle. By the way, I just checked out my first electronic library book today! 🙂 I have to finish it in two weeks. Overdrive (name of the website) does not allow renewing. But if no one else is waiting for it, I can just check it out again. My local library doesn’t have a ton of books but it is enough so that I shouldn’t have to keep running to the library. I have about 20 books on my Kindle so far. All but one was free.

I feel silly even typing this but…this kindle thing is overwhelming. In a good way. I know bad overwhelming. But now it is like I want to hoard  electronic books. And I keep thinking about all the 3D books I have to read. Some are mine, some are library books. Do I have time to read on my kindle when I have “real” books to read? I know this sounds nuts. And all I have to do is finish the 3D books first and then I wouldn’t “worry” about it. But I want to use my kindle. Of course I do – it is new to me. See how insane this is!

I keep going in circles in my mind. Why am I reading PC Monthly or an Ebook when I have borrowed 3D books to read? What the #$%^ is wrong with me?

I have issues.

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