always been a quitter

I’m in love with my Kindle. I’m going to blog about it two days in a row. I found something even more dangerous than books….APPS! I didn’t know the Kindle Keyboard AKA Kindle 3 had apps. I brought 4 yesterday. 3 were .99 and 1 was 1.99. I didn’t go to nuts. The best one is the calender because the two days before I got the Kindle, I was searching everywhere for an electronic scheduler/calender. Everything came back to “get a smartphone”. LOL. Well I can’t afford a smart phone with the monthly payments. So I started looking for PDAs. How old school is that? I was desperate. 😉

The second best app is the notepad. Everything below the line in this post is what I typed during my lunch break, using the notepad app. Love it. I got it for doing my grocery lists. But now I can quickly blog anytime I want. I also brought Scrabble and a yoga app.

When I said the Kindle 3 was a tad slow, I was referring to going to websites. Of course it is slow. Mine doesn’t have 3G! This probably won’t be my last Kindle post. It seems like everyone got a kindle or nook for Xmas. Yay for e-readers!

One bad thing: I broke down and brought a cover for my kindle. $30. THEN I found a headphone case that fits my Kindle perfectly!!! UGH! Amazon already shipped the cover so I’m going to keep it but I really wished I would have realized that my kindle could fit into the damn headphone case. I just don’t want to scratch the screen. I don’t need anything fancy. Oh well.


(This is what I typed during lunch after reading a chapter from a 3D book).

If I quit my job, it might seem brave to others but I’m a known quitter. I give up when I know I can’t succeed. I didn’t join the army because I knew I would not pass basic training. I don’t regret this because I know I would have failed that. Even today I’m 100% sure that I couldn’t have done it. For a perpetually confused person, I know some things about myself. I know what I can do and can’t do.

I do runaway a lot though. I’m the queen of avoidance. That is my form of quitting. So if I quit my job, I would be giving into avoidance. That is not the only reason why I haven’t quit though. The real reason (besides basic fear) is social anxiety and what would I do next? it isn’t like I have some secret dream job. I don’t have any talent. Etc. etc, I mean I have a ton of interests but that is it. And most of the things I would really consider pays near minimum wage or less than what I make now. An example would be a job working with animals I’ve done my research on the pay of those jobs.

So yes I currently hate my job – except when I can do it alone in a quiet room. I dread getting up in the morning. My work and life is suffering. But at this point, I don’t think quitting is the answer.


I went to yoga yesterday. We had the regular teacher back. I was not impressed. Plus her class was too beginner…even for me. The teacher also said, “I feel like I’m  teaching an advanced class” so I wasn’t the only one in the wrong place. I’ve taken 3 classes at this gym for $20. I’ve gotten my money’s worth. I don’t know what I will do next. Everyone says beginning yoga lasts for a year…at least. Well not at this gym. If I can find a good time for “fitness yoga”, I would like to try that. I bet that is challenging.

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