All Kinds of Kinds

I got a Kindle today! I would never ask for one. Of course I’m not judging others who do, everyone’s financial situation is different. Since my mom isn’t rich, I haven’t asked for anything expensive since I’ve known the value of money. One day she asked me if I knew what a Kindle was. Um, I’m a Amazon.Com fiend. I remember when they used to only sell books. When I’m on the web, 90% of the time I have a tab on I know alllll about the Kindle.

old school kindle

I guess she heard the excitement in my voice as I explained what a Kindle was. And I was lucky enough to actually get one! I got the Kindle Keyboard. I really thought they had stopped making these so imagine my shock when I see a Kindle with a freaking keyboard. Hmm, I wonder how long are they are going to make these. Hopefully long enough for me to buy a $30 cover for it – yes that is the cheapest.

The downside is that there is no 3G on my Kindle. 😦 I don’t need to download a book or newspaper 24/7. However, since I don’t have a smartphone, it would be so nice to be able to Google anywhere. When my car broke down, it would have been really useful to have google to look up locations (and book a cheaper hotel). If/when my GPS is stuck in the car, then I’m lost. I wish this Kindle was the answer.

But the good thing is that I can go into a Barnes & Nobles (Nook, anyone?), McDonalds, Starbucks, some malls, etc to use their wireless.

I’ve been using it all day. Now I’m overwhelmed. LOL. I have 3D books to read. I have about a stack of 6 books to read. Uh, when am I ever going to get to the Kindle? Crime and Punishment and a book of Buddhist quotes were my first downloads. Both were free. I read 80% of Crime and Punishment about 8 years ago. I’ve been meaning to finish it for years. I loved it but school got in the way.

I will never stop reading 3D books….as long as libraries and sites like exist. The Kindle will allow me to always have a (much slimmer) book on me. Except when I forget and leave it at home….just like I do with a regular book!  I still leave my cellphone at home at least twice a month.

Obviously this isn’t a review. I just got it and I had to blog about it. It is heavier and a tad slower than I thought. However, most people will get a Kindle Touch and those two issues don’t exist with those versions. I keep wanting to touch my screen but I don’t have a Kindle Touch. 🙂

I love that it isn’t just for books. I can finally subscribe to newspapers and magazines and NOT have an issue with clutter. I also love that I can clip quotes. I’m a quote collector so this is awesome. I haven’t figured out how to use this feature yet but I need it for my Buddhist book.

Another thing I love is being able to carry .PDF files on it. I assume I will be able to transfer work related PDF documents to my Kindle. I will figure all this out eventually.

I’m sorry for this ramble. This probably makes no sense.  I’m tired. Plus I’m watching a NBA game and trying to listen to a podcast at the same time. #multitasking

Whew. I just checked the gym’s website and yoga is still on for tomorrow, Then Tuesday is back to work.

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