I went to a yoga beginner’s class after work. YES! That is where I should be. It was so awesome even though I messed up a few times. I’m not good at following verbal directions. And my scoliosis definitely affects one yoga pose. I can’t even do it in a beginner’s class. I don’t even know the name of the pose. I just know that everyone else can do it in every class I’ve been in. Btw, my favorite pose is child pose. 😉 I could do that for an hour.

Too bad I’m not a member of that gym. I brought the classes for really cheap from Groupon. I think I have 18 classes OR 6 weeks left. I wish they would let me use all my 18 classes at my pace. There is no way I’m doing 18 classes in 6 weeks. If the gym weren’t so far away, I might set that as a goal. But I’m only going there once a week.

Back to this awesome class: I’m so glad it is on Mondays at a good time. A perfect way to start the week. I do plan to go back on next Monday. (and all Mondays until my ‘membership’ expires). I’m so glad I’m comfortable enough with a class to want to go back. Now if I could only find a beginner’s pilates class..Anyhow, I’m starting to get some of the poses down. That is what I need before I jump into regular yoga.

I love that gym. Me want one near me. But…it is really not financially smart to join any gym when I have access to a free gym at work. (The gym at work doesn’t offer yoga or pilates though).


I mentioned that I would be during the Happiness Project during 2012. I’m on page 107 of the book and I’ve decided it is not for me. It is a great idea/book/website. It just isn’t where I am now. Instead of having a goal for each month, I need to focus on the basics. I can’t do it that way.

Anyhow, I’m currently working on health/diet. These are the things I need to focus on:

1. health/diet/learning to cook

2. saving money for a down payment on a house

3. Paying off debt (kind of contradicts #2)

4. Selling my house (the horror – I hate the thought of this. This also costs money. contradicts #2 and 3).

5. Getting organized (much easier since I no longer live at my cluttered house).

6. Make friends or a friend. STOP THE M$%##F$%%^ PRESS!

Okay, so all the research says you have to have friends. HAVE TO. So like, maybe I’ll like totally try the friend thing??!

I don’t think it is possible. That’s the attitude! I’ve been thinking about it a lot over the weekend. I like staying at home except when I’m traveling. I don’t want to go anywhere with anyone. I like reading, listening to music, keeping up with politics, nature and watching sports. All of those things I can do alone. I don’t see how friends or a friend would fit into my life. It would have to happen naturally. The only thing I know for sure is that I need someone with SOME of my interests. I’ve learned that through experiences with coworkers.

I can’t do the friend thing in a month hence the passing on the happiness project. That may not even happen in 2012. And I’m the luckiest girl in the world if I can get someone to buy my house in 2012. PLEASE let that happen. How else am I going to save money??

I’m going to open a special down payment savings account this week. I have an ER fund. There isn’t much in there but it exists. I have decided to use my other savings for college expenses. (only two more classes left but one is $740!). I need to pay off debt so I can get a better deal on a mortgage. The ‘new’ car doesn’t help me at all. It is more debt. 😦 I love my car but I wasn’t thinking of it in terms of a house. Not that I thought about much at all. FUCK.

Sorry. Story of my life. The above is the closest you’ll see as far as “new year’s resolutions” go. I don’t do those.

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