Do it honestly

Have you ever cried so much that you think you might have a cold? My mom had a cold, so it is possible. I haven’t had a cold in 3 plus years. Why? How? I lived alone. The end. It does wonders. It is awesome. I cried so much my face hurts. I’m going to take two coldeeze just in case. That is the only thing that works for me. I probably would have had a cold during the past few years without it.

Now I know how it feels to tell someone in power something, and they don’t believe you. It sucks. Not that I expected her to believe ME over them. But she didn’t have to say it. That was low. She straight up lied to the manager. She’s good. She was very good. I can’t lie convincingly. I can’t lie at all. I don’t even try.

Of course, she would lie. I knew she would. By the way, I broke my code. I am not a “tattle tell”. Well uh, as of today – DAMN. I sort of, kind of told on them. I didn’t want to. But she wasn’t hearing any of this “not naming names” shit. That is what I usually do because I. don’t. tell. But today I did. And I was not believed.

She lied. She was so sincere. God, my eyes hurt. And they are soooooo red. ^%$#.

In other news, I weigh 117! I lost weight. See? Being thin is NOTHING. Look around. Being thin won’t make you happy.

Oh back to my sob story. Literally. I was crying because:  my manager didn’t believe me. AND Jex straight up lied to me and my manager. Anx wasn’t as willing to lie. She didn’t admit to anything, but she didn’t exactly LIE. AND I ate sausage which is so not on my diet. AND I broke my code. AND now the whole office will know…and talk about it.

YAY! 😦

I’m sure Jex thought I was crying for other reasons. They come up with the strangest WRONG reasons. Who knows what they think. Anx was gone for most of the day. I hope she was as angry as I was angry and sad. Then I’m fucked. lol. I will find out tomorrow.

Thanks for ‘liking’ my posts, by the way. I should have said this a while ago. I do notice and appreciate it.

I think I’m doing the Happiness Project in 2012. I am willing to fail at it. It will take me from now until January to come up with a 12-month plan. I just started reading the book.  I will blog about each month, of course.

I’m going to try not to cry anymore.

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