Turn off the lights

I haven’t been updating because I looked at my stats for the first time in a year. ROFL! This isn’t woe-is-me because I blog for me. But sometimes pretending to have an audience motivates me to update.  Anyway……

I made a 100 on my final! That’s a first. I’m shocked for many reasons. I was scared when I saw the final was a blank page. Hello? Where are the questions? That freaked me out. I’M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. No more school until hopefully this summer. I get to read for fun. I have a ton of books to read.

It’s official. I will be taking my cooking class during the first week of January. I just registered. This weekend I’m supposed to go to the new gym to take a pilates class. Even though I got a great discount (from Groupon), I’m starting to regret signing up due to how far the gym is. I just hate driving during rush hour traffic. I try to avoid that as much as possible. But I’m going. The class is at 5:30. I have to leave at 4:30. Unlike.

Random but somehow I have way too many Chicago Bears fans on my Twitter feed. I. don’t. care. about. the. Bears.

I’ve been out of town all weekend. It doesn’t feel like a Sunday. I’m so glad I have a half day tomorrow. I didn’t go to far off my diet (aka way of eating) on my weekend trip. I did have a burger and fries on Friday night. 🙂 I also lifted weights for the first time. I need to read my book on how to properly lift weights before trying that again. But it was nice to do something new.

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