leave the sweetness behind

Talk about a life changer. The 17 Day Diet: A simple plan that targets both belly fat and visceral fat and produces fast results that last! is the best “diet” book ever. I don’t even need to crack open the other books. Last night I was going to read the first chapter of each book. I did that with one and then I started The 17 Day Diet and couldn’t put it down. The unfortunate part is that people may be turned off by the title. But I read the reviews on Amazon so I knew it would work for me. I’m not trying to go on a 17 day diet. I’m sure it works but I just needed meal ideas and nutritional information. I got that and more. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t know where to start.

Even if you don’t cook, you can follow this diet. Diet as in a way of eating NOT losing weight. The biggest con of the book is the “being thin is the best thing ever!!1!!!” crap. Um, I’m thin and my life uh, well…do I need to say more? I can ignore that but others may want to strangle the author. The author is a doctor, by the way. I’m definitely buying this book after I can’t renew it anymore. 🙂

What amazed me is that I could follow the menu without having to go to the grocery store immediately. This morning I ate eggs and an apple for breakfast. I actually have those things in my house. ha. I love a good book with good info. Can you tell? I read so much crap. ROFL. But everything can’t be exceptional.

I found a cooking class. It takes place the first week of January. Guess who wishes it were sooner?? (Patience).  It is perfect. It is a two hour class that focuses on healthy eating for beginner’s. The only drawback is that the menu involves cake! I’m sure it is low calorie cake. heh. The menu consists of fish tacos, roasted vegetable lasagna, pomegranate glazed chicken and devil’s food cake. If I could pick one thing to retain from the class it would be the vegetable lasagna.

vegetable lasagna

I can’t wait to learn how to cook. I never thought I would type/say that! The world will end if I ever start to want to clean. :/ That won’t happen.

I’m still waiting to find out when my final is. I’m so scared I will find out it is this week. I’m going to be screwed if it is. Having to go to the beach this weekend is messing up my schedule big time. At least it won’t be snowing. It might actually be kind of warm.


I hate when people offer to help you but then guilt trip you about it. Well it could be karma. I’ve probably done this so I should shut up.

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