Fart in public

I don’t know who said this. I used to collect quotes. One of the quotes was, “You must be willing to fart in public”. As in, you must be willing to make mistakes in public. I -years ago- took this literally. I know TMI, right? ROFL. Enough of that.

I went to my hot yoga class on Friday. I did something really stupid beforehand. I was early so instead of waiting in the car, I decided to go to a grocery store I’d never been in before. MISTAKE. They have this great salad bar and I can’t deny a salad bar. I got tuna salad, chicken salad, macaroni salad, and banana pudding. I ate most of it 30 minutes before class! How dumb is that? But I didn’t fart in class. I did feel a little full but I don’t think it affected the class.

Hot yoga went okay. I would go back. But I don’t think yoga is for me. Well it could be…but I’m sick of the instructors saying, “—– pose” as if I should know. SHOW ME! I do know mountain pose, downward dog and most of the warrior poses. That is about it. So the whole time I’m trying to get it and not look like an idiot. It’s starting to seem pointless.On the other hand, I like yoga. I guess I just need to memorize the names with the poses. I have to know the basic poses plus more immediate ones. Sigh. I have a horrible memory. I’m surprised I still remember the warrior poses. Thanks to my first yoga instructor for drilling that into me.

The heat wasn’t that bad. It was about 105 degrees. I have never sweated that much in public before. I remember when I was in high school. I was so scared. I used to stand as still as a stick and I would always wear a jacket – no matter how hot it was. The jacket was my security blanket. The kids would come up to me and say, “You don’t sweat, do you?” I would say “no”. I was never much of a talker. The kids said other things too but whatever.

Back to the teacher: He was hot! Oh god. He helped me position my mat before class and he caressed my back. Thanks so much for that. Is this starting to sound creepy? Heh, I can’t help it. Seriously he was an encouraging instructor but since there were so many people in this free class, he couldn’t focus on everyone. He did spend a lot of time with two people. One was an elderly guy and the other guy had never done any yoga.

Groupon and Living Social are giving away discounts to gyms like crazy. I guess this is gym time! (O god – new year resolutions %^$#). Anyhow, I brought a groupon for 20 group classes. Um, I wish I would have googled how far this place was before I brought the coupon. It’s 30 minutes away! That’s too far for me. But I will go once a week for……………PILATES!!!!!!!!! Finally. I have never taken a pilates class so I’m excited. I have done it by following a DVD and what a great workout.

Pilates will start next Wednesday after work. If the gym was closer I would try their yoga but ugh,  I’m not driving back and forth to that gym. Thanks Groupon! 🙂

Exercising isn’t the only thing I’m doing. I must eat healthier. The problem is that I don’t cook. That is huge. In order to eat healthy you must cook and uh,  I suck at it. I can bake and that’s it. I have tried. I have the best beginner’s cookbook and I still can’t get it down. It is like reading a foreign language. Do what to what? With what? It doesn’t make sense to me. Obviously I did not grow up in a cooking household.

I’m thinking about taking a cooking class ASAP. I’m really busy this month. In fact next weekend, I’m taking my mom to Virginia Beach for a work thing. I hope the hotel is a suite. 😉 I booked it but some places say “suite” when they just mean you get a kitchen. Big whoop. My mom and I are both spoiled when it comes to hotels these days. Whenever we go anywhere we want a suite. We used to gladly share rooms. Anyhow, I also have my final this month. I need to find out when. Yeah.

Back to this eating thing: I checked out the following books from the library today:

The Metabolism Advantage
The 17 Day Diet
Atkins for Life
The 35 Plus Diet for Women (No I’m not 35 years old…yet! You can never start too early)
The New Rules of Lifting for Women

I’m the most excited about the lifting book. DIEting is boring. It is the four letter word. But exercise can be fun. I did a lot of research on which books to get. Well I picked up the Atkins diet book on a whim. I had to get one of the famous diet books. When I was checking out, the guy told me about how bad the Atkins diet was. Um, yeah…so why do you think I checked out soooooo many books??! I’m going to make up my own “diet” by using all of the information from my research. There is no way, I’m doing the Atkins thing 100%. I like and will continue to eat carbs.

I’m supposed to be studying for my final. LOL. Instead I’m going to go through all these books and try to make some kind of grocery list. This should be interesting. I will report back here if I get anywhere.

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