All I see

What have I learned from my car fiasco? Well first it doesn’t have to be a fiasco. I’m just not looking forward to paying a car payment for 60 more months. Shoot me, now.  But I did learn something from this. Next time have a down payment so I can get a better car. (minimum $3000)  I don’t know what better is. What if I realistically can’t afford what I want after doing a ton of research? I’m pretty sure I don’t want a brand new car because it depreciates so quickly.

Right now I’m supposed to be saving for a townhouse which has become a total joke. I still have my old house. We are going to start cleaning that after my mom’s business trip. Now that the time is approaching, I’m not looking forward to it. I dunno. I need to start looking at houses for sell again. Maybe that will motivate me. However, the truth is that all the downsides of owning a townhouse is not motivating. I’m worried about the noise which has always been a HUGE issue with me and someone told me that the HOA fees may go up every year. Well, I’m not sure I can afford HOA fees at all

And  then there’s this new issue: Since I moved in with my mom, I have less privacy. No shit, right? I don’t want to bring a guy (nor girl) home. 🙂 I want to take um, extracurricular classes. And she is going to wonder how can I possibly afford this. Valid question. But what she doesn’t know is that not doing anything will kill my spirit. I don’t see this as a choice. I feel like I need to take the pilates class. Does regular exercise really curb depression/anxiety? (For the record, I have started going back to the gym weekly. I plan to eventually go 3 times a week). But a class is different, it is fun (??). It is an appointment. I can’t get my money back once I sign up.

Yeah, my mom raises her eyebrows if I dare spend $$. Shocking.

So I’m going to do something I normally don’t do: LYING. I will say that I spent less for the class than I really did. I used Living Social or Groupon to get a good deal. How bad is this? I just know that I hate my life. I don’t want to continue like this. It sucks that all of the things I want to do costs money. What do I do stay in the house this winter and save every single dime? Will I be miserable? Is taking a pilates class twice a week the answer? How do I know? Almost every decision I made/have made has been wrong.

I don’t want to turn this into a “I hate my life” entry but the truth always shines through……

I want to recommed Joyce Meyer’s podcasts for anyone looking for an uplifting message or if you just like self help. It is free on iTunes. Meyer is Christian based but if I can listen to almost every single podcast, then you don’t have to be Christian to like or “get” her. Just search for Joyce Meyer and you’ll see her podcasts. She is awesome. She also writes great books.

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