I’m just a sinking ship


No overtime for me. Maybe ever. Okay, if I ever start working at home I will work OT. This sucks.

I know I’m depressed when going to the library is not fun. I went to the self help section but I knew none of those books could possibly help me or give me insight. Going to the travel section (my fave) was equally depressing because if I can’t do OT, should I be planning a “Carolinas” road trip this summer? I’m so deflated.

Even the true crime section bummed me out. What the point? Will I even read the books I checked out? Can I afford to read library books? (sarcasm).

“Stop feeling sorry for yourself”

Anyway, a new person called me about Avon and that is the last thing I want to deal with right now but I feel like I have to call her back…today. fuck.

And what about my fun metal jewelry making class? Argh. I have the application. And what about yoga? woe is me.

I don’t want to admit it but typing this out made me feel a little better.

I will keep breathing even though I’m not alive.


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