Goodnight And Go

I just got a $100 Avon order!!! When she confirmed it for the 3rd time, I jumped up and down. The semi-bad news is that the day before I wrote my Avon entry, they decided to stop referring customers to people like me. People like me are people who don’t have big orders and a lot of customers. Now they are only referring customers to people who average $400 worth of Avon a month. LOL. So that counts me out. I will not be receiving any more voicemails from people saying, “Can you be my Avon rep?”

I am excited about the order…not because I want to excel at Avon but it is my biggest order EVER. 🙂 🙂 Like WOW. hehe.
Ugh, change is happening at work. “People hate change”. I hear that so much. ugh. I just wish I had a warning. It is less overwhelming that way. My old boss knew to tell me about changes well in advance. Don’t just drop something on me, or I may freak out. The good news is that soon I may WILL be working at home. Some people will be going home in January. Since I’m relatively new, I may not get the chance until the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013.

I’m slightly concerned because I have NO IDEA where I will be living. But worrying about that is pointless. I would have much more room, if I had my townhouse by then. I barely have enough room for an office at my mom’s house. I definitely don’t have a whole room. I have a tiny spot where a desk can fit in my bedroom.

I really have to get out more. I wanted to leave my house because I disliked being there. But my mom’s house is comfy and she has great internet.:) So there is less incentive to go out. Plus I’m in school. etc. This weekend I will go to my house and throw some stuff out. Then I have to deliver Avon. The next weekend, I want to make a commitment to go to an 8:00AM yoga class.

I worked overtime for two weeks in a row. I’m taking two weeks off. I’m going to make it count.

Speaking of getting out, a coworker asked me to go to a gospel concert on a SUNDAY. Hello???! Sunday = football. Actually Saturday does too but I have to get stuff done on one day so I’m willing to miss some college football games even though I love college football much more than the NFL. I like to stay in on Sundays because I have to ramp myself up for Monday. That has nothing to do with the football season.

I felt bad turning her down but between it being Sunday, football being on, and not really loving gospel music (it is okay) – it felt right to say no. I was being true to myself. I need to tell her one day that I’m not really open to the whole Christian thing. I so don’t want to go there. I’m open minded. I watch Christian TV shows. I read about Christianity but I’M NOT A BELIEVER in that.

How can she hear me if I’m not saying it? How do you say, “I don’t believe in Jesus”. Where I live, you don’t say that or think it. I don’t live in one of those cool places where anything goes.

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