Holy Toledo

I’m smiling like a kid on Xmas. 🙂 Thanks so much! I know I’ve said it on Twitter. –> (see sidebar) but I don’t know what else to say. I don’t deserve it at all. I can’t imagine anyone reading my blog or my tweets finding me likable. PLEASE DON’T SAY ANYTHING NICE. That would be awkward. I’m not fishing for compliments. See I alienate people all the time. Sorry.

Anyhow, thanks for the 6 CDs. It means everything to me that you brought them for me.

Music means everything to me. Not only does it get me through my days (at work and home) but I had a childhood dream of owning a used music store. Supporting musicians means something to me. So thanks for BUYING their music and supporting “the arts”.

There is a quote about books making people feel less alone. For me it has always been music. I LOVE to read but I don’t read for that reason. Music does that for me.

I can’t thank you enough!! Only a gift of music could make me ramble like this.

Thank YOU! 😉

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