triggers unfamiliar restlessness

You have to watch this video:

I had to email my teacher to ask why she hadn’t graded my midterm. Well she finally did. (!!) I got a 90. I was hoping for more (like a 95) but a 90 isn’t bad.

I went back to my house. I felt nothing for it. Despite some issues, I’m glad I’m at my mom’s house. None of the issues are major…yet. But I wonder will I eventually run out of room for my stuff? Will I get sick of having no privacy? Will I get tired of living with my mom? (I know that sounds bad). I’m a loner (shocker!) so seeing another human every single day is a new thing for me. I haven’t lived at “home” in 10 years.

We won’t start cleaning my house until mid-December. It seems like such an overwhelming job. I lived there for almost 5 years. I will hire professional cleaners for the big stuff.

I worked OT for the first time in forever yesterday. I hope I can get used to that feeling. Overtime won’t be there forever. Today I mowed by lawn. This is compelling stuff, right?

I’m heartbroken over my cat. I hope she is completely over me. Knowing that would make everything better but I know animals and…:(

I will blog more later when I’m not so confused/restless/bored/etc.

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