Sober with no place to go

Yes my cat is gone. I’d rather not blog about it. 😦

I used to wonder why anyone would pay to share a wall with someone. Renting I understand but BUYING? I still think it’s a little nuts. And now that one issue has been resolved, I’m thinking more about my options. There aren’t many options. The options are:

1. Buy a townhouse.
2. Buy a single family home.
3. Rent an apartment

Renting is too expensive. I can’t afford to rent most places I would like. A mortgage would be cheaper. So really one and two are my options. I have HUGE privacy/noise issues so number 1 is nuts but…SIGH.

I hate being indifferent about all my choices because uh, I need to do one of the above. I did visit one of my townhouses on my wishlist. It happened to be an end unit! And it looks like someone lives there. The neighborhood was nice but I’m still having “sharing a wall” issues. I’m not visiting anymore townhouses. It is pretty pointless. Yes townhouses are attached to one another. OMG. heh. Oh and my #1 choice is off the market. 😦

I am concerned with any HOA fees. I know nothing about that. One person said hers was $51 a month which is doable. Then I heard that some people pay $200 a month. That is too much. I want maintenance covered which may be expecting too much. I don’t care about the pool, gym, clubhouse etc. Why should I pay for those things if I’m not using them? Something else to consider.

I’m not sure I want to do the ‘single family house’ thing after this last experience. The first 2 years were great if I separate the neighborhood from the experience. Decisions.

Now I have to focus on cleaning my house. Throwing away stuff etc. I will probably donate my books but everything else will be trashed. (not the furniture…) I can’t believe I have to mow my lawn again. Thanks to the rain.

This situation is…weird. On the one hand, I’m so glad to be out of my house but living with my mom is…weird. (lol) If she didn’t have two stories, I would not have moved in. Of course I am upstairs by myself. I just wish she had more than one bathroom. I’m still trying to figure out my schedule.
In good news, I received my credit report. My score is 799 which is excellent. I just need it to be this way when I get ready to buy my house. I think it’s wrong to judge people for having bad credit. All it takes is one month (or less) of not working to have a bad credit score if the person is living from paycheck to paycheck. I consider myself very lucky and blessed to have the score I have.

Since I had the talk with my boss, I have a new duty at work. I’m just glad it is simple. haha. I thought she would try to make me talk or something. It is nothing a normal person would have ANY issue with.The only issue I have is having to get up every morning to do the second part of it. That is out of my comfort zone*. I like to stay hidden. I’m also a little concerned about how this will affect my productivity. I wish this could be done in the afternoon when I am so bored and about to tear my eyeballs out.

*Which is a good thing but bad things can come out of it.

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