hit the lights

Final thoughts on my latest yoga class:

I did like the lights being turned off the whole time, meditative music playing, the good smelling lotion she spread on us as we were relaxing and she gave some helpful modifications on some poses. I already stated what I didn’t like but I also hated the mirrors all around the room. Annoying!

I also learned that it is best to remember/practice the basic poses. I only have the child pose completely down. lol. I am also decent with the warrior poses since I have done those in every yoga class I’ve been to (4). Plus I have practiced those at home.

Well it if is up to my mom, I’m moving sooner rather than later. If only this were her life. šŸ˜‰ She is ready for me to move in with her now. Like tomorrow. haha. So I’m just supposed to abandon my house in this bad neighborhood. šŸ˜¦ I’ve seen what happened to other houses. THAT IS ONE THING MY MOM DOESN’T GET. Hello? Just leave. um, what?!

My cat is another big issue.

How am I supposed to get rid of the house? HELLO? Am I the only person seeing these issues? So if/when I move to my mom’s, I would still have to pay the bank off until someone or something buys it. That also means that I can’t save for a down payment on my “dream townhouse”. I would give the bank all the money I save while living with my mom (I still may try to fix some things inside the house.).

I don’t know how much I would save by living with my mom. I don’t have a budget (!) so I’m guessing at least $300 a month. That includes electricity, gas, water, cable, and the alarm system that doesn’t work. Uh, $300 a month is not a lot to save. That is what I get for living within my means. So I will only be able to send the bank an extra $300 a month. That’s lame. But it is something. My point is that it will take forever to pay off the bank/save for a down payment as long as I’m still paying a mortgage. I really have to get a person or company to buy the house ASAP. I know it will be for a great lost but I give up.

I don’t know. I want to at least double down on my mortgage. I still may be able to do that if I actually did a budget. I have no clue how much is going out. (Denial!)

I’m very thankful for this opportunity. I would be stuck here forever without my mom’s help. I just have to be the logical thinker. Just moving isn’t the answer.

Most importantly, I’m glad to have income coming in or I wouldn’t be able to do anything!

I blogged about this to explain how the hell I might be moving.

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