Yoga class # 4 (in a new-to-me studio)

1. I was in the front.

2. The instructor wasn’t fond of new students.

Do I have to say how this class went? Yeah, it kinda sucked. I did get about 5 minutes of relaxation. That’s it. I love that part at the end of class.

I was in the front by mistake. I was one of the 1st to get there. And even when people came into the studio, I couldn’t tell where the front was. I had plenty of time to move…if only I had known. The worst thing for a new yogi is to be in the front. I could barely see her. PLUS she wasn’t gearing this class to new people. I think I was the only new person in the class.

I don’t know about going back. I paid $20 for 20 classes of yoga and/or Zumba. (Great deal!) I think I’m going to Zumba on Tuesday after work. I’ve been against Zumba because…well it isn’t yoga. And I don’t think dancing in groups is fun but it is a workout. So why not try at least one class? Basically my options are either yoga at 8AM on Saturday or Zumba once a week. I’m not going back to the Thursday class. The time is horrible plus I feel like the teacher may roll her eyes when she sees me. I REALLY sucked. 😉

She doesn’t like/want new students so she’s out.

Instructor: Are you new to yoga?
class member: No
Instructor: Good!

I was so glad she didn’t ask me. I’ll figure out something. No big deal. I hope I like zumba…
Work is sucking. Big time. I’m trying new things to make it work. Sigh.

I’m sorry I’m depressed. I’m very sorry I have anxiety issues. I wish I could just leave it at home and not have it affect anyone.

A and J aren’t just “mean girls” to me. (And no that doesn’t make me feel better). They have a new target now. They used to hide their disdain but now they are vocal about it. It bothers me so much. I try not to get emotional about it but they are just mean. I guess they can’t be happy. No one happy is that vile to people who aren’t harming them.

J burst out laughing at me today. Bitch. 🙂

Following up on my last entry, I don’t think it is the Abilify that is making me irritable. I’m finally on an everyday schedule.

Another thing from my last entry: Calling my sister normal was not an insult. I envy a lot of these people. It is a compliment. To me, it means they can get by in the world in a way I can’t. etc

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