in my dreams I’m waking up to roses

I interrupt this gloomy blog to say: This hotel is awesome!!! 🙂 😉 I made it to NOVA (aka Northern Virginia) around 5PM yesterday.

The only downside is that their is a surcharge for internet access. Normally I would never book a hotel that doesn’t have free internet access. I’m not sure why I did…but I’m glad to be here. I have internet until 7:45 tonight. I only paid for 24 hours. I’m leaving tomorrow (Sunday) so that’s fine.

I could live here. This place is like an apartment. THERE IS A (free) BREAKFAST BUFFET with real food. You don’t have to make your own waffles. I don’t even eat waffles but I had one today. The many chairs and bed is so comfy. I love it. They even offer free drinks (alcohol). When I found this out I said a little too loudly:

Let’s get wasted!!!

The hotel security looked at me suspiciously. LOL. I don’t even drink. However, it is free and I might try a drink tonight. I don’t know.

I just drove my mom to her business meeting. I don’t know what to do now. Oh, I’m so glad the Redskins are playing out of town. We would never be able to get home. Yesterday I was freaking out because I the obsessed sports fan, completely forgot that the Redskins play here…on Sundays. Eventually I found out they are on the road. YAY! The last thing I want to run into is that traffic. I would never get home.

Back to the hotel: The lobby looks like a 5 star place. It has this gorgeous waterfall. If I can’t be at the beach, that is the next best thing. 🙂 People get married here. I totally get why. I really need to stop gushing and figure out what I’m going to do today.

It’s raining a little. At 3PM, I’m going to the mall. But I have about 6 hours to kill. I may go to the park – yeah in the rain. What else is there to do? If I were a Redskin fan, I would drive by there and take pictures but um, I sorta hate the organization (versus the players – it is hard to hate them when I see them on TV constantly).

(I have taken pictures of the hotel but I don’t know when I’m going to post them. I lost my camera cable. In fact, I have a ton of pics to post but I can’t until I find the cord).

Oh well.

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