Jesus doesn’t love me

It really hurts. Like I tweeted, I fell off a bed with two mattresses….onto a hard floor. 😦 My head, side and everything just aches. I’m sure I will be fine. Heh. But for now: Major OW!

(For the record like most of my entries, this entry is titled after a song. It isn’t a personal statement).

So I went to church against my will last night. Longest. Concert. Ever. It was kinda cool to see the “pastor from TV” in person. That was my favorite part actually. The music was pretty good. I didn’t mind some of the preaching but OMG, I don’t believe in Jesus Christ. (no offense). Sentences started off good but then the person would mention JC or their God and they totally lost me.

My coworker who dragged me there doesn’t know that I don’t believe in their God. I don’t even know who their God is…Um, the one in the Bible. (?) I believe in a higher power. I have no problems with people calling it a God. I just am 100% against a savior. I don’t believe in Jesus in that way. I have read the entire Bible. (okay, I might have skipped over some parts but I felt like I read the whole thing).

I’m not a Buddhist but that ‘religion’ describes my feelings more than anything. It was a nice church. The people were great. Etc. But I can never go to a place that places an emphasis on a savior. No one is saving me.

Socially I sucked last night. But as long as I didn’t kill my coworker’s buzz then I don’t feel too bad. I was so tired. And the whole thing was new to me. It wasn’t like anything I’d ever been to. I’ve only seen this stuff on TV! I was a fish out of water. I was frozen. I could only clap.

Going to that church made me think that I wouldn’t mind going to a Buddhist temple. I think we only have ONE so….uh, not happening. I like options. I did go to a Unitarian church about a year or so ago. That was uncomfortable too. (Shocker!) The real reason I didn’t go back is because they MAKE YOU go to a day long orientation. I can’t think of much worse than that*. Why would a church require that to join?

*as far as social stuff goes
GOOD NEWS! Total yayness. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks to Living Social, I have 20 yoga or Zumba classes. Yay! It only cost me $20. I doubt I take 20 yoga classes in 60 days. They only offer yoga 3 times a week (during non work hours). Of course there is a perfect timing Zumba class. :/ I wouldn’t have to wait a hour+ after work to take it. I think I might try one Zumba class. I love to dance but from what I’ve seen Zumba is NOT my thing.

Since I only paid $20, I will be pleased with 6-7 yoga classes in 60 days plus maybe at least trying Zumba. I hope I like it but um, I don’t see that happening. The 60 days doesn’t start until I take my first class. Oh, and I have never been to this place before. But the website looks lovely. And it is very close to work.
Ugh, My head aches.

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