Hook Me Up

Graphic and TMI post:

I called in sick today. It was NAUSEA. Okay, plus I knew the appliance guy was coming to fix my fridge. Plus I could not sleep last night. Plus my cat kept waking me up several times after 4AM. I’m not really tired. (thanks Abilify?) but that’s not the point. I had so much trouble calling in due to the nausea. I couldn’t talk. Plus my Nauzene pills (OTC med) were in the car so I had nothing. I was so sick I was throwing up. RARE for me. This ish is getting serious. I guess it would be dramatic to wonder if I have a serious physical problem. Whatever. I can’t call in sick for the rest of the year.

We only get ONE sick period (2 days straight) a year. I could take off tomorrow too but I feel bad since I’m off next week. I wish we had sick days but people were abusing that so…I just want to feel much better tomorrow.

I do feel better now. Maybe because my fridge is working!!! I promise to keep it well and respect it. 🙂 I went out and brought some food like a college kid. It’s unhealthy but it is just for this week. I think I’m going to accept that I will always eat some frozen food junk. I wish it didn’t have so much sodium. The sodium is going to kill me.

I would like to say that I’ve been studying all day but I haven’t. I did go outside and study a little. Hey, I learned something…I think. Anyway, I was scanning my bookmarks and found a journal I had forgotten about. It is a blog by an asexual woman. (probably easy to find on google since there aren’t that many out there). And one thing that surprised me is that she came out. Um, she tells people.

I don’t see being asexual as anyone’s business although I applaud anyone for being true to themselves. Coming out is authentic for her. For me it would be TMI. It could be because I don’t have friends, only acquaintances. Who would come out of anything for them? I surely wouldn’t tell my mom. TMI. And who cares about what you are NOT doing? LOL.

Tim Gunn is a sexy asexual. I’m not making light of his suicidal attempt (see link) I guess it would be good if more celebs came out. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

The only thing that bothers me is when people don’t believe in it. There will always be a group of ‘those people’. Maybe it makes them feel better to believe that no one is asexual. I call it close minded BS. Some (most?) asexual people have romantic relationships. And no romantic does not equal sex to an asexual.

I hope I haven’t said anything wrong. The last thing I want to do is define asexual wrong.

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