My Dilemma

I want these shoes so bad:

kiss me

With shipping costs, these shoes will cost about $23. I have a 20% promo code that must be used by tomorrow in order to get that price. Those shoes are so special because they have an athletic sole. Comfy. I don’t know what to do. I haven’t worked OT in three weeks. But I did sell some of my PTO (too much) and I should be getting that money in a month or so. I dunno. I just paid off one of my low balance credit cards. I have been spending $$$ on food due to the lack of a refrigerator. (It still isn’t fixed! – URGH!) I had to pay for half of the hotel due to the hurricane.

I’m getting the shoes. I’m getting the shoes! I’M GETTING THE SHOES!!!

I don’t feel secure about that decision. I’m supposed to be trying to get back into yoga. More money. Yoga is the least of my problems but I did feel better right after doing yoga. I’m thinking about doing a drop in class somewhere. I dunno.

Serious stuff: A great post on depression/suicide/mental illness

Nausea update: Those pregnant women can give good advice on nausea. I have to give them that. I haven’t tried all the advice. Someone mentioned using a soft toothbrush in the morning. That works for me. Yay. I should probably go to a doctor about it. I think my nausea is due to anxiety. After all, I’ve been dealing with both for almost the same number of years. But it could be something worse. ::dramatic music::

Refrigerator update: The man is coming back on Monday. Sigh. I won’t believe it is working until I see it.
I cannot wait to buy food for the freezer! What a concept.

Work update: Some things are better left unsaid. I’m sure I will blog about it someday. 6 more work days until I get two full days off. I haven’t had a full day since June.

School update: Stress fest. I feel bad for anyone who dares to take this course in the summer. Don’t do it. We don’t have a “real” book for this class…which is making it harder for people I can tell. Anyhow, she is putting stuff on the net for us to print out. Well guess who printer keeps jamming? I can unjam one of those big office printers but I can’t figure out my own. Oh well.

Today I have to clean off my desk so I can have somewhere to study. That’ll take about 30 minutes. heh. I guess I should go.

I’m still not sure on the shoes…

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