Defying Gravity

My Labor Day weekend has been so strange. I saw that Hurricane Irene put a crack in the tree in front of my house but I didn’t think regular wind would knock it over. Um, I did think….”The next major hurricane could knock this tree over”. But I never saw the tree swaying like the arborist told me it was. Granted, I rarely look out at the front yard so I wouldn’t know. The tree belongs to the city, I think. It isn’t in my yard. I have zero trees in my yard but you wouldn’t know it from the amount of leaves that fall.

He told me to leave my house last night because the tree could fall. It was a little windy but nothing major. I’m at my mom’s house now, waiting to go home. Of course I don’t know if they have finished cutting down the tree.

Needless to say, I’m glad the tree didn’t fall – on anything or anyone. I love trees. I’m a nature person. However, when I see how many trees killed people and damaged houses, I have to wonder – why are they there? Lives could have been saved if not for a huge tree. I know trees are expensive to just cut down so people aren’t going to do that just in case of a hurricane. But don’t most people value their house and/or car more than a tree? (Uh, yes.) And in most cases they probably value their lives and their families more than that big Oak tree too. Just a guess.

With all that being said, I can’t even get a working refrigerator (yet) so would I go through tons to cut down a tree? NO. My mom has some beautiful trees in her yard but they also aren’t huge. Save the huge trees for the forest and parks. Ugh, they are such a danger. I guess people just think of trees falling as a part of hurricane season. Okay…

Speaking of my refrigerator, it got out at work that mine hasn’t been working for over a week. OMG judging by their reaction, if they only knew it has been over a month! ROFL. Hey, I don’t have kids or roommates to deal with. It’s all on me. So fuck the fridge. I have other issues, okay? LOL. I guess they couldn’t live without a fridge for this long. I wouldn’t recommend it. Boring story on how it got out. I had to leave work to let the appliance man in. etc. I hope to have a working fridge by the end of this week. Woohoo!

So much has been going on. Work, the hurricane, the nausea, just stuff…Stuff I wish would just go away. Hindrances. Overwhelmed. Paralyzed.

I’ve had some new revelations…not all negative. 😉 Maybe one day I’ll get to blog about it.

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