Love Me Back

I still don’t have power. I lost it on Saturday at 7PM. My mom doesn’t have power. I know people died and I saw trees on houses but I still think this sucks. HOWEVER, my mom and I decided to check into a hotel. That wasn’t easy and no, I don’t feel fine with this decision. I feel icky about it. But wow, it is nice to stay up past 8PM. (After 8 it is so dark, there is nothing to do but go to bed).

I sorta feel buyers remorse. I could have done valuable things with this money but what’s done is done. And maybe this will only be for one night (not according to the power company). I know where I live the power won’t be on for a while. A huge tree fell on a house on the same street where I live. IT PULLED UP PART OF THE SIDEWALK. We (the whole city) got hit really bad.

I’m sure the media ignored us but dammit, we are here.

No regrets. Yeah right. Oh yeah the hotel we are staying in suffered water damage. The floors are damp! And the elevator isn’t working due to the flooding. The stairway is busy.
It’s not all doom and gloom. Thanks so much for the music! Music brings joy. It changes feelings and while I’m listening to it sometimes (most of the time) I get lost…in a good way. I managed to put both CDs on my MP3 player during the storm. In fact the first thing I did when I got home, I ripped the shrink wrap of the CDs and put it on my computer.

Thank you so much! 🙂 I don’t feel worthy.

What music did I get? Joss Stone and Jazmine Sullivan’s latest CDs. Jazmine’s album is solid. I won’t say flawless but for her second CD, it is pretty good. So much for the sophomore slump.

Well, I better go. I didn’t get internet access to blog. I have homework to do.


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