Not in Cali for a reason

Edited to add: Unfortunately there was a lot of damage in Louisa County, VA. 6 kids and one teacher was injured, fortunately they will be okay. You are unlikely to hear about this because it didn’t happen in NYC or DC.

I’m watching CNN and they are talking about how you are not supposed to evacuate during an earthquake (duh) and how we need to be educated. Um, we live on the east coast. To be blunt, we don’t think we have to know shit about earthquakes. After all we haven’t had an earthquake like that since 1897. Eighteen Ninety Seven. I wasn’t alive at that time. But what really happened was people were scared. Not many people thought, “this is an earthquake” because we don’t have them. And we didn’t evacuate until after the building stopped shaking. I think that is okay. I dunno.

It was so surreal. We are on the 3rd floor. The building shook forever. The windows rattled. Everyone got silent. The building stopped shaking. Everyone was still sitting with “WTF” expressions. Then someone yelled, “LEAVE THE BUILDING”. And that was that. Even though we weren’t supposed to evacuate, (Thanks CNN – we didn’t know what the fuck it was at the time) everyone left in an orderly manner. Our company doesn’t give two shits about us so we only stayed out for 20 minutes. Most people stayed out longer because they were concerned about aftershocks. Not our company.

I thought, “This old building is coming down”. I didn’t think earthquake. The image of what happened at the Sugarland concert, kept going through my head. I thought we were going to die before we got out of the building.

That was scary. I never needed a xanax so bad. I didn’t take anything because it would have made me even more tired. Being at work after that was pointless. I was too agitated to get anything done. And then people talking about aftershocks. Not cool.

Today was just a strange day overall. Our system was down way before the earthquake happened. Etc.

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