You NEVER ask for anything.

My manager to me: You never for anything. You can do what you want.

That was a compliment, right? Most people probably don’t see it that way. Because, DUH! you should ask for stuff. But I don’t. I never do. I believe I have to it on my own. Isn’t that what people teach? It’s your responsibility. Your fault. YOU. YOU. YOU. I had no idea. What am I supposed to ask for? I have no clue what others area asking for. Damn, I wish I knew. Could I have what they have? Wait, what do they have? Hmmm.

Once again, all I want to do is WORK FROM HOME…like 60% of our people do. Oh well.
I HATE looking at houses online. Houses I could have if only…Why do I punish myself this way? This is my current gotta have this house. AKA my dreamhouse.

3 bedrooms. 2 full baths.

If only I were sane and normal. I’m not looking at anymore houses until I can actually buy.

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