why should social folks have all the work?

My manager has me as a “A” while everyone else is a “B”. I never cared about this before but then I realized that everyone else knows. My ego doesn’t like that! LOL. (very un-Buddhist like) But they’ve known for a while. I think it is because I don’t talk in meetings. I’m sure there are other things but that is probably #1.

My ego is fine. Whatever. I don’t care about financial incentives either. The only incentive I would care about is working at home. THAT IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS TO ME. Yes I meant to yell. My manager knows I could give a crap about a bonus. I’m not motivated by that. (There was a study that showed in general “geeks” are not motivated by money. I’m not the only one).

“A” or “B” has nothing to do with money. It is just a job title. Here’s the issue: Today I don’t care. But I know one day I’m going to be so irritated by mean girl A or mean girl b or just work in general and I’m going to march into her office and demand to know why I’m not a “B” like everyone else. That is not a good thing. So I think I’m going to ask her when we meet. (We meet one on one a few times of year).

HOWEVER, I don’t want her to think I’m going to start talking in meetings to get to a B. I’m just curious. I’m only asking. She has hinted about it but never told me exactly what she wants me to do. Chances of me doing anything socially is slim. Very slim. I can guarantee you that if I worked at home like the others, I would be a “B”. The work at homers never talk in meetings unless called on. Talk about fair. :grumble:

So I’m being punished for having social anxiety. The end. Oops, I wasn’t supposed to say that. 😉

To everyone with a social issue or hidden “disability”, you have to work harder than the average person. You probably already know that if you are in the work force but the kids need to listen to me:

Since you don’t have the social thing down, you have to be a hard worker. If you can work late, work late almost always but don’t kill yourself. It isn’t worth it, trust me. If you are able to show you care, DO IT. For example, we didn’t have clear rules on how to do our work so I typed out my own rules. It was about 20 pages! (Now it is longer…) My boss would not have known if she hadn’t said, “make sure you keep notes”. Then I told her about all my notes. She was surprised and grateful. They used my notes to train new people. If it weren’t for that, I may be on thinner ice. That showed I gave a damn. I cared about how I did my work.

It might not sound fair but you will have to work harder to make up for your lack of social skills. Look at the average workers. WORK HARDER. If you can talk to your manager then bring up things you’ve done. He/she may have no idea how hard you’ve been working.

I know it is tough in this economy. I know a lot of people with social anxiety don’t have jobs. TIP: Go to a temp agency. I hated it and hope I don’t have to go back to that but I wouldn’t have my job now without it. If you are socially awkward and are worried about the job interview, apply to be a dishwasher at night (night shift pays more). I won’t recommend fast food because I failed at that but you might be able to do it. I sucked at that….Anyhow, the interviews for dishwashing is easier than an interview for a clerical position. You may get hired on the spot.

I know being a dishwasher isn’t ideal. But I believe doing something just to get started in the workforce is better than nothing*. Personally I would start with the temp agency. I can’t remember the interview process but it is a hell of a lot easier than an interview for a regular full time job. I had SA pretty bad back then but I still managed to get some temp work.

(*I also believe that this will give you better work karma later on but I realize a lot of people don’t believe in this. So ignore this part.)

I also got laid off from temp jobs for not being social enough. That may happen. It will seem like the end of the world. It happened to me twice. One job was a really good job. I would be making more money if they hadn’t “let me go”. Sigh. I cried for days each time.

WORK HARDER. I’m your biggest cheerleader. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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