I either need to:

1. join the YMCA
2. do my own program at the free gym
3. go back to the pricey yoga studio in September
4. take pilates or yoga for $200 during the fall semester

I want to have something to do, ward off any depression, and lose at least 3 pounds. I would prefer losing 5 pounds. I know that seems like nothing to most people. I know I can do it even though I have never purposely lost weight in my life.

I do feel better after working out. I have more energy so I need to DO something. I don’t know what I’m going to do. For now I will do my own gym program starting this week. I’ve been doing pilates (via youtube) daily but not for long enough. I’ve been looking at the YMCA classes; they have a good selection. There’s yoga, pilates, etc. but the timing of these classes sucks for beginners. I can’t go there during lunch. lol.

But there is solution here…somewhere.

I think I may be getting a new fridge within the next two weeks through the warranty program. I’m currently using my old tiny dorm fridge. It doesn’t have a freezer. It’s funny cause I never used it in college. I couldn’t afford to eat in college. It never occurred to me to eat ramen noodles! 😉 Yes, admitting that makes me feel out of the loop. Who doesn’t think of that?

Last week I was doing so good with not being on the net. Today has been a major fail. I’m looking up the most random things.

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