I Wish I Could Be Lonely

I hate when I get the urge to blog at night. This feeling rarely happens these days so I’m going to go with it. This entry will be all over the place because I come alive at night.

My mom is awesome! 🙂 She brought a full size bed for my old bedroom. I wish it were at my house. Anyhow, it is so comfy and it is just perfect. I don’t sleep over there often but now I want to.

I just had a decent workout…at home! I like pilates because I can do it in more places than yoga. Plus it feels like more of a workout. It feels like I went to the gym and rode the bike for a good 15 minutes. The workout I did is below:

I’m going to try to rent her DVD but of course it is hard to get. I can do this on my bed and maybe at work during my lunch break. They already think I’m crazy so what the hell? I used to do sit-ups in a secluded part of the sitting area. I’m by myself but there is a window so people in the parking lot can see me. Yoga requires room so until I go back to a class, I’m done with yoga.

I received my textbook. It is over 700 pages. I don’t know how much I will be carrying that around. I usually study/do homework during my lunch break (when I’m not doing sit ups or leisure reading).

My legs are sore from doing pilates. I have to say more negatives things. I hate Apple. I feel like a failure for not mowing my lawn today.

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