Best Thing I Never Had

I really hope everything at Virginia Tech is okay.

I found out 24 hours ago that the discounted gym will not be offering yoga or pilates this fall. What a joke. I’m glad I don’t pay for membership. I’d want my money back or I’d stop paying. The problem I have is with what they are offering. This will be full or generalizations and stereotypes. This is a warning. I don’t fit the stereotypical female when it comes to everyday life*….However, the classes they are offering are all “athletic” and weight lifting. Um, how many females do you think are going to enroll?

*there is nothing wrong with that, of course. it just isn’t me.

I go to the gym. It is almost always 50/50 (men/women – of course). But maybe yoga didn’t bring the $$$ in. Or maybe they only offer it during certain times of the year. I don’t know. I just know that I have ZERO interest in abs, weight lifting, athletic training….even kickboxing isn’t my thing.

I’m so disappointed and sort of shocked. I would even take an aerobics class at this point. LOL. There is nothing for me. Today I came to the conclusion that I kind of want a class to go to. Not a college class but a workout class. I don’t have to talk (at least so far I haven’t had to do chit chat). I don’t know………..

The place where I took my last 3 yoga classes, starts enrollment again in September. IF I can work overtime I might consider that. $150 a month for yoga??? Are you serious? Since I have taken yoga in person, I should be able to follow a DVD. I’ll see if I can book the studio at the gym (free) on the weekends for that. It is always empty when I check.
This Saturday I’m going to work. Unfortunately it won’t all be OT because I left work early one day this week so I have to make up that. As far as we know overtime is available only for **this** week so I can’t say, “I’ll work next week too” or the week after etc. I think I’m looking at about 6 hours of work on Saturday. 3 of that will be OT. I have never done 6 hours of work on a Saturday. I get so bored. I want to pluck my eyes out. I’m pathetic I know.

On Sunday I have to mow my lawn. Great exercise. Yipee.

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