Things I Never Needed

People who are outraged at the Casey Anthony verdict must not believe in karma….at all. It always amazes me how many people really don’t believe in it. People that do aren’t vindictive. They know people will get what is coming to them. There is no reason to wish harm on someone (that is probably bad karma…lol). There aren’t many things I believe in but karma is so obvious that I can’t help but believe in it.

I can’t wait for the media to stop talking about the case. Yes, pass Caylee’s Law but they need to put an age limit in. It takes a lot for police to get worked up over a 16 year old missing for 24 hours unless foul play is suspected. Although I guess people just want it reported. I’ve heard too much about police rolling their eyes over a missing “runaway”. In hindsight, “Caylee’s Law” seems like an obvious law. Doesn’t it?
I’m having a consultation on house maintenance tomorrow. This is another reason why I want to live in an apartment. Then maybe after the outdoor stuff gets fixed, I can get a working refrigerator! Instead of eating ONLY canned food (high in sodium), I’ve been eating beef daily. I’m so not used to that but I bet it is better than eating processed food 24/7.

Last night was strange. At 10PM, there was a shoot out. I know they aren’t using real guns because I know what a real gun sounds like…and I think the police would have came by. It was so loud and obnoxious. It would have been funny if I weren’t paralyzed by fear. That is the problem. Right now I’m typing slowly because I don’t know when the next thing will go off. It’s hard to explain. Basically after a certain time, I don’t move in my house. The problem is that I’m a night person and get stuff done at night.

I’m going to yoga after work tomorrow. I’m scared…not terrified but definitely scared. If this were a 1st or 2nd class, I’d be more excited than scared. But it is probably her 4th class and the instructor will want to move quickly through the basic poses. I just hope the class is small. (less than 6 people). The night classes are packed! As I was leaving, there were so many people there. They were talking. GASP! Yeah, I think I will only do two more classes there and then try to get started doing yoga/pilates at work. It is cheaper. The studio at work has mirrors all around the room. I hope that doesn’t freak me out too much.

I just need a doctor’s note before the first class. That sounds easy but I don’t have a doctor (again). I’ll figure something out once I know when the classes start.

I’ve been so blah lately that I’ve been thinking about going to school in the fall. If I do, it will only be one class. I just think I might regret not taking something during the middle of the semester. I dunno.

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