the luck advantage

Casey Anthony is the luckiest defendant in the world. How can anyone deny that?? I know there is an innocent person (or two) in jail going, “They had NO EVIDENCE against me, yet I’m in jail or on death row. How the fuck did this chick get off?” Well the jury did it’s job correctly. YEP, correctly. Anyone who followed the case and has faith in juries should not be shocked at this verdict. I don’t have faith in juries (but today kind of changed my mind…) but I don’t think she should have ever been arrested due to lack of evidence.

But that happens all the time so it wasn’t shocking. The DA’s office will do anything to get someone arrested, especially in a high profile case. Sometimes they need to wait. When they wait, sometimes new evidence pops up. I’m talking 5-10 years later. Wait until you actually have a real case instead of hoping to get lucky with a jury.

Damn. How did her jury get it right when so many people with NO EVIDENCE against them get convicted??? Once again, she is so fucking lucky. I know this isn’t real life. I don’t know her at all. The rest of her life could be hell but at least she isn’t in jail.

The whole world was ready to convict her, yet the jury actually followed the rules. WHAT A FREAKIN’ CONCEPT! WOW. It doesn’t happen that often. I’m one of those true crime followers. I try not to get too obsessed with only one case. For example with this case, I didn’t follow the defense much beyond the opening/closing remarks. The burden falls on the prosecution to prove the defendant is guilty and it didn’t happen.

This doesn’t mean I think she is innocent, of course. I just think the jury followed the law. And after closing arguments, I wasn’t sure they were going to do that. I had doubt. I don’t know what I think. I thought from day one that this was an accident so when I heard the pool accident defense, I didn’t flinch. I do think one of her family member’s knows what happened (not the mom). And I don’t think Casey hid the body. That is all I think. Like most people, I have no idea what really happened to poor Caylee. 😦

That was a quick not guilty verdict, btw. But considering the prosecution’s “case”…I was going to blog about this case before the verdict but I didn’t have time.

Enough about that. Really.
I’m going to yoga for the second time next week. I’m kind of excited but this will be the teacher’s 4th or 5th class so I’m going to be waaaaaay behind. my only hope is that there is another new person in class since the “after work” aka afternoon classes are so small…I feel like I will stick out. I enjoyed Iyengar yoga but I only have two paid classes left and I want to try Vinyasa Flow yoga.

The only things bugging me after taking the one class is:

1. my breathing is off
2. I think my scoliosis is affecting my poses

The instructor is always talking (in class and on dvds!) so it is impossible to breathe with the instructor. I find that I’m holding my breath in yoga just like I do when I’m not in yoga. Sigh. And the teacher had to help me with one of the very first *sitting* poses…and I think it is due to my scoliosis.

Oh well. This past weekend I tried to do beginner’s yoga by following on TV and that didn’t work. At all. So I definitely need classes for now.

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