you make me feel

Depression is settling in again. I guess I’m only allowed a little window of the good life. I can tell because doing the little things take so much energy. I get overwhelmed easily. But I guess I am due a life of gloom and an early death…

According to this fascinating book I just read: The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work I knew most of the things already. I read the results of psychology studies as much as I can. However, it is nice to have it all in one book. It isn’t just about work. I think all managers should read it but it is for everyone.

I feel like such a geek for loving this book so much. It talks about the science of happiness. It describes and gives the results of research studies. Psychology people will love this book.

What I don’t like is the part where the author goes over the scientific fact that you must have social relationships. Yes I know it is true. Do you want me to just shoot myself in the head now? I mean, why bother with anything? Why even try yoga? I’m just going to be miserable since I don’t have friends/social support. thanks a bunch! 🙂 I know anyone writing a book on happiness has to point this out because it is true.

That is why I always say that social anxiety is one of the worst things to have. But I’m not allowed to say that since I have it. People would ask, “What about —-?” I would ask, “Do you have friends? Can you talk?” That is going to make any situation you have to deal with a hell of a lot easier. But once again, I’m not allowed to say this.
Like I tweeted, I missed my yoga class by about 10-20 minutes. 😦 My GPS is broke. I can’t get anywhere without my GPS…besides work and the library. lol. So I was late but it was nice to actually see the place. I couldn’t get much of a vibe but at least I’m less likely to get lost again. I paid for 3 classes. That is all I plan on taking unless I think this place offers something no other place can. Who knows? They have a free class once a month and I would love to do that forever.

(Yoga is not the cheapest thing to do regularly. So after this I might consider taking the discounted yogalates class at work when it starts back up again.)

I thought visiting the place would lessen my anxiety but it didn’t. I didn’t want to take Thursday’s class because the only thing offered to newbies like me is Iyengar yoga. It seems a little intimidating for a brand new person. I wanted to go to Tuesday’s class (Vinyasa flow yoga) because it seems more my style. It focuses more on breathing and relaxation. That is what I want from yoga. But I am going* to the the Iyenger class tomorrow after work. I hope it isn’t as scary as it could be with the use of props! I see the purpose of it. It builds strength of the mind. I could use that! 😉

*Hopefully I make it. I’m going without a GPS. ::gasp!:: It took me over an hour to get home. I was beyond lost. Ugh, I hated life pre-GPS. LOL.

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