talk to strangers?

Today was not the greatest. I was so cranky. I couldn’t wait to get home. I got up at 5AM went to work, then left for court (jury), and then went back to work. And all I had was two protein bars and a banana to eat. I didn’t eat that all at once. I left my lunch at home so that was all I had. No sleep + no real food = cranky me.

Then I get home thinking I’m going to take a nap. LOL. Guess what? Some jackass won’t stop shooting their gun. It might be a BB gun. I dunno. THIS IS WHY I WANT TO MOVE. Last night they were up to similar shenanigans hence no sleep. If you live in an area where you don’t here BB guns or real guns, please leave your neighborhood in the comments. I hear both A LOT. (I’m joking about the comment thing, I can’t leave the area right now but thanks!)

I’m seriously considering moving into an apartment in a year or two.

As always I’m studying people’s behavior (psych major) and jury duty was interesting. Do people talk to people they don’t know out of boredom or because they are social creatures? Or both? There were two groups there. I was in group two. Group one was a very talkative bunch. I was awed at how they didn’t know each other but talked so much anyway. Maybe this is a cynical take but the most extroverted people at work would talk to a door!

I always want to say, “X will talk to ANYONE”. Of course I wouldn’t do that…but does that devalue X’s communication? I’m not trying to be snarky or funny. This is from my perspective as a low social needs person. I could go two+ weeks without seeing another human and be completely fine. I wouldn’t even notice it.
This was supposed to be the “summer of creativity”. I have been doing projects and trying new things but I’m still coming to the conclusion that some of us are art appreciators. I spent one of my lunch breaks admiring local art in a gallery. It was one of the best lunch breaks I ever had. Sure I saw jewelry, paintings & handbags I wish I could make. How about instead of wishing I had their talent, I just appreciated it instead?
Without my fridge, I need to come up with food options. I’ve been staying away from canned food due to the high sodium but without a fridge, what option do I have?

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