Halfway to crazy, not far from sane

My refrigerator broke. I guess I’m supposed to be freaking out or something. whatever. what’s next? I’m ready. (not really). I can get why this probably happened. I even blogged about it: If you don’t respect your things, your stuff will break or get lost etc. I’ve been doing a bad job of respecting my house. There are many reasons why but I’m not getting into all that. It’s the normal crap.

My mom has had it! She has deemed me too good to be living in this house/neighborhood and she wants me to move NOW! LOL. Does she have any idea how hard it is to sell a house and move???? ROFL. No, she does not. She is about to make a bad financial decision. I told her how bad it was but she doesn’t understand how bad it really is. Anyhow, back to me :), yes it would be nice to feel safe in my home. It would be nice not to have someone throw a mattress in my yard and then when I call to get rid of that, a box spring (I think) got put in the same spot.

People are hilarious. That is why I LOVE people. 😉

I’m resigned to living here for at least 2 more years. I’ve been fed up. Selling this place is so complicated and I don’t know if I can afford what I want. I just want off street parking and no gunshots. Of course I have a longer wish list but those things are the must have.

If I were normal, I would be happy to live in an apartment but…I’m far too neurotic for that. I did it for about 4 years (not counting college). Apartment living is so easy compared to living in a house. I might give it another try. But I know I’m not made for sharing walls. Would that be dumb? It isn’t like I’ll be saving money. I’d probably jump at this bad idea if that were the case.

It would be nice to have a dishwasher again. And possibly a washer and dryer. I’m so jealous of apartment people!!! I did find one dream apartment but I barely make their minimum income requirements. In fact I would have to look at a pay stub to see if I qualify. And utilities are not included. If they were, I would be sold. I wouldn’t worry about 50% of my paycheck going to rent. (<—not good).

Sigh. Can anything just be simple?

I'm starting to worry about not having food. I gotta go.

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