they can say what they wanna

UGH! I have to go to jury duty again on Monday. FUCK. I’m not missing a whole day of work this time (unless I actually have to serve on a case). Last Monday, the only reason I didn’t go to work was because I had a doctor’s appointment at 4 and I didn’t see the point in going in for a few hours then leaving.

My uncle suddenly died and I’m bitching about jury duty. 😦 True. I just want to get paid for OT. I’m still doing OT but getting paid regular pay. I’m only doing OT cause I have already spent the money so I kinda have to do it.

And the people at work are like, “why is she going? Who wouldn’t argue against it? etc. etc.” Well since people like me won’t try hard enough (like I don’t know LIE) to get out of it, that is why I must keep being called back. I thought once a person served they get out of jury duty for 5 years. Nope, where I live it is only 3 years which to me is a huge difference. I just want to get it over with.

But me not getting out of it, plays into their story of my stupidity, ineptness, fill-in-the-blank.

It’s their story. Let them live it. It is a little frustrating though.
Sigh. I’m going to get right to the point: I wish Anthony Weiner had NOT resigned. The Democrats are wimps. WIMPS. (The leaders not the voters). I will never call myself a democrat because even I’m not that lame.

Here is Weiner on the 9/11 health care bill. What a bunch of assholes (leaders, not voters) for not voting for that. Geez, it took Weiner and Jon Stewart (?) to get that thing passed.

Nothing illegal has come out so far. Damn Nancy Pelosi. Well he didn’t have to cave. Well no one was on his side…from reports even the Clintons abandoned him. Why am I wasting time on those democrats? We needed Weiner. I know he isn’t going to disappear but what will he do next? I hope he doesn’t do a guest spot on a TV network. He either needs his on TV show. He has to blog. I don’t know about tweeting. (sorry). He was a progressive leader. One of a handful. Now who is left….ugh.

He didn’t vote with the democrats all the time. He was a raising star. I don’t care about his personal life. If he was just some regular lame representative, I wouldn’t bother blogging about him. He stood up for things I and many others believe in.

And yes, he brought this on himself but he didn’t have to quit. I know the pressure was huge. But even his wife didn’t want him to quit (from reports). At least he had his family’s support. He can still run in the special election for his spot back. He can still run for NY mayor. I’m just worried he will disappear. I know he won’t but I’m extremely inpatient. BLOG Weiner. Say something. What are you doing? What are you thinking? How annoying am I?


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