when I’m alone

The beach trip was great and relaxing. I’m not feeling extra “chatty” because I found out a family member just died but I want to post the pics.

I didn’t expect too much from the trip considering how sick I was before I left. However, I did new things and the suite was great. They call them apartments and yes they are! One new thing was just eating at an authentic Greek restaurant. I ate every bite. The other new thing was randomly going to a concert. It was so cool. I don’t do things like that. I plan stuff. But I heard this cover band as we were walking back to the hotel: Motor Psychic and they uh, rocked. So I went out to the “field” and listened to the remainder of the concert. They played Zeppelin, Hendrix etc. They refused to play “free bird” (<—one of my favorite songs of all time) despite people begging for it. That must get tired.

Okay, here are some pics:

3d art

I was way too excited to see those mannequins. 🙂 I love taking pics of fashion. Love it. I’m glad maxi dresses are “in” because I love wearing them to the beach and to work. The dresses being “in” make them easier to find, it isn’t about other people’s opinion.


I loved the curtains!

view from balcony

I have tons of pics of the ocean. But it gets a little repetitive. I didn’t take as many pics as usual so this is all I have. Oh yeah, I found my iPod. Silly things, silly me.

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