what a way to start

….a vacation.

I’m sick. I guess. (TMI ALERT). I can’t eat or drink much of anything which is okay. I’ve had an upset stomach since Saturday. I went to Walgreens and was feeling dizzy and seeing black or things were getting fuzzy. And oh yeah, I have my period. uh. fuck. yeah.

I’m still leaving for the beach today. Be back on Friday. If I feel sick, I will probably be on the computer posting pics in this blog, while in the hotel. 🙂 As long as I don’t eat, I should be okay and I don’t have much of an appetite so I don’t feel like that will be an issue. I will be fine sitting on the balcony looking at the beach if I have to. I just wanted to walk the boardwalk A LOT and walk/sit on the beach.

I should be gone by now but I felt like crap this morning. I’m waiting on my laundry to dry.

I will have a great time. repeat 5X.

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