Different Truck, Same Loser

Confession: Someone dumped a mattress in my backyard!! I feel soooooo “why me?” about it. I don’t have a truck. I can’t haul it away. Why did this person pick me? (People have left dirty diapers in my yard). I haven’t done anything to anyone. *whine* Why are they messing with me? Bother people who mess with you. Leave me out of it. I haven’t done shit to you. Since my back yard is accessible to people I don’t even consider neighbors because we live on different streets, I’m not sure who the culprit is. But I’m pretty sure it is one of “them”.

/end victim talk

I love people. I know it isn’t a big deal but with everything else that has happened recently…I’m one second from just running away.

I’m doing much better on the 2.5 MG of Abilify. I’ve been busy as of late. I’m trying to organize my house before my beach trip next week. I’m trying out a new system. I’ve given up on trying to be clean. That is the worst thing about having a cat. Ugh, she can be uh, messy. I’m just trying to have a place for everything. I will win this! 😉

This is random … Namoi Watts is probably my favorite actress. She is definitely one of the best. She isn’t just Nicole Kidman’s friend.

My favorite movie of hers is 21 Grams.

I don’t have it in me to blog right now so I should end this train wreck.

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