But I Am a Good Girl

Not only did I make grilled cheese sandwiches for the first time today, it was also the first time I ate one! That has to be a North American record. I want to say world record…who hasn’t had grilled cheese before? I’m in love with my sandwich grill (AKA sandwich maker). I’m sticking with grilled cheese for now. Later I would like to make omelets, french toast etc. But if I freaked out over putting buttered bread with cheese on the grill, who knows what would happen with french toast?


“OMG, what if it is getting too hot and I haven’t even put the second piece of bread on yet. AHHHHHHHHHH!” Yes I was out of my mind.I used this “recipe” to make the sandwiches. Yes, I needed that. I’m so not a cook. I don’t know if I should ever really try. Maybe when I get a bigger kitchen (not that mine is small when compared to the rest of the house), I would want to cook more. For now I’m sticking with gadgets. The sandwiches were awesome by the way. 😉

I also made um, something. I crocheted a flower pot…by mistake! LOL. I was just trying to work on my hand movements. I stopped following the rules. I wasn’t counting etc. I just wanted to make something other than a string necklace. And it sort of came out like this:


Now it looks like a flower pot, and I think I’m done with it. I’m going to keep practicing. Hopefully I can make a cover for my iPod. I have a pattern for a 8GB or 16GB iPod from my crochet class so I have to adjust that a little. (I have the old school big classic iPod) If I can do that, that would be a victory.

This youtube video is the closest to what the teacher showed me. The biggest difference is how to hold the yarn with my left hand. I was having problems so we tried the “wrap yarn around my fingers” method. I love her cardigan. How many years away am I from making that??

I finally used Goupon! If you don’t use it, you have no idea what you are missing. I got $50 worth of food/groceries for $25 dollars! (extreme coupon that – heh) I could have had it delivered for a fee but I chose the pick up option. I’m getting my food on Tuesday and of course I’m super excited. 🙂 I got a lot of regular food but the best part is the options. I get to order LOCAL food easily (meat, fruit & veggies). Also instead of going into Cathy’s bakery, I get to order one cupcake or whatever from the comfort of my home. That is great for social interaction. I’m bummed that I won’t get to meet Cathy. :/

I’m the most excited about tasting baklava for the first time. I’ve searched for it in the Mediterranean parts of the store but I have never found any. I don’t have to go into the little Mediterranean shop to get my baklava! I know other people have done this for a while but without Groupon, I wouldn’t have known my area had one. That is another plus of using Groupon. I learn about places I didn’t know existed. I found a place that offers affordable horseback riding lessons for beginners. I’d been searching online for months but never found this place until they had a deal. I decided to not get the lessons and stick with “needs” like food.

Ha. I know baklava isn’t a need but 95% of the things I brought are regular items. Yay for pick up food Tuesday.

Edited to add:

I have a shame story to tell.

I was in the bank on Thursday. When it was my turn to go to the counter, the teller said nothing. Perhaps she was still working on the previous customer. Then the other teller had a problem and she spent 3-5 minutes with them. I was growing inpatient. I was on my lunch break (does that say it all?) and I didn’t want to be late. Btw, I was 7 minutes late back to work. Anyhow when she got to me, she tried the small talk thing but I was being stubborn. I was thinking, you have already taken my time, please just do your part so I can get out of here. I did respond to her small talk curtly and I added and “can I have these placed in my checking account”? She goes, “what?” or whatever and I repeated it. She worked faster than I have ever seen a teller work. I didn’t know they could deposit that fast. I’m not joking.

My shame comes in because I know that no matter what the situation I need to just chill. If it is normal stranger small talk, I know how to do that. I could have played along in this case but I was so inpatient, angry….etc. And yes I was/am so ashamed. It feels better to share this here rather than write it in my paper journal. I am worried that if I share all my shame stories “you” will hate me and think I’m a bad person. “You” may think that already. LOL.

Well like Brene teaches, it is better to share the shame. To keep it hidden, is to feel more shame. So here is shame story #1.

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