I Dig Everything

If you don’t have anything nice to say…post pictures!

Don’t read the following paragraph if you are eating or hate TMI: I am PMSing like crazy. Last month it was a breeze. This month I’m mentally and physically hurting a whole week in advance. I cannot wait until this ends. I have to look into options but that is another entry. Also I vomited in my car this morning! OMG.No, I did not pull over. I just kept driving. I was very annoyed. :/ I am always nauseous but I NEVER throw up. NEVER! I just gag. I didn’t even think about going home. I can’t even blog about this anymore without getting nauseous. So done.
I scanned the following pictures with my 3 year old scanner. These aren’t the best quality photos. If I keep posting pics, I should probably change my theme (again).

The following come from Bungalow Style: Creating Classic Interiors in Your Arts and Crafts Home (link). I never knew the history of Bungalows was so interesting. Yes I live in one. We call them “ranchers”. My house was built in the 1950s and not much has been updated since then. Back to the book, I got it from the library. I love it so much…I’m thinking about buying it. Heh. Okay onto the pics:

This is what I want to do now:

terra cotta

I’m definitely not doing built in bookshelves in my current house (due to cost and not getting a return on investment) but this pic is very inspiring. I’m looking for a framed picture and maybe I will put a shelf under it just like the pic. I love that!

The following pics are from Decorating Basics : Styles, Colors, Furnishings (link). The info is useless to me but the pics are nice. I love the Southwestern style. The following pics are excellent examples of the southwestern look. What I would give just to stay in a place like this for ONE night or even visit…


*DROOL* How can you not love the pic below? I love antiques and browns. Perfect.

feels like home

And I love this one just because of the colors. It isn’t southwestern. Can I just move in?

I have to get a framed painting. I have an unframed painting hanging in my living room. The artist was so cute. 🙂 I couldn’t resist his charm. He had the most amazing nature painting. I got a tiny discount because he could tell I was so unsure. The painting is below in the entry about the pedestal/flower arrangements.

I scanned this photo 3 years ago. It is a pic of my dream bedroom. I’m still dreaming!

dream bedroom

That’s it for now. My crochet class needs to start ASAP so I can focus all my energy on that. I’m trying not to get into anything until I take the class next week.

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