9 lives like a kitty cat

Guess what? My wonderful professor counted my exam!!!!!!! I got a B in the class! I didn’t fail. šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰ šŸ™‚

I think she got it the second time I emailed it to her but she just took a while to post my grade. Thank Buddha! I went from thinking I’d failed in class for the first time ever to getting a B. I have no idea what happened. Our communication must have crossed. She also said that I did not send her an email when I forwarded the email with the time stamp for proof…

Whatever. I have never been so glad to get a B before.
The sale did not go well. But then again, I did better then some near me. It is 90% my fault for not getting a good spot. I got there at 6AM. You can’t get there at 6 and expect to get a great spot. ::sigh:: I’d only slept 4 hours the night before. That was my fault. My screen door getting stuck for 15 minutes was not my fault. I couldn’t leave. I was going to just not do it but I thought, “If not now, when?”

I wasn’t really into it. I did sell some jewelry. I decided to leave even though 2 people said they were coming back to buy a necklace. I gave them almost an hour to come back. The place is big but not that big besides I was in the back. I don’t think they got lost which is easy to do if you are looking for someone in the middle of the pack. They probably found something else that caught their eye.

Almost everyone agreed that the jewelry was beautiful. A pair of women couldn’t stop trying the rings on! It was funny – in a nice way. I wish one of them had brought one though. I left 30 minutes later. I was one of the first to leave. I know I could have made more if I stayed but I did have other things to do.

I’m glad I was selling stuff I like: jewelry. I will probably keep most of it myself. I may sell some online. But I have a feeling, most of these pieces will go into my jewelry box.
I took my mom out to eat dinner/lunch today. It went pretty well. We were the only ones in the restaurant for the last 20 minutes. That was nice and a little surprising. The food was awesome šŸ™‚

Thinking I had flunked the class, made me question the whole school issue. Ugh, why do I have to get a certificate to take a hard ass test to get certified? I would rather just study on my own and jump into the certified process. Not that that is easy.

Anyhow, I’ve decided that this spring/summer is about me being creative. Yep that is what I’m going to be DOING. It might lead into fall if I decide not to go back to school in the fall. Right now, I have plans to maybe take a class or two in spring 2012. (Will I ever finish at this rate? heh). I’m taking a $25 crochet class next week. I’m excited about that and a little anxious, of course!

I think I need to narrow it down. Will I work on crocheting, jewelry making, knitting or just being creative in general. I can’t knit at all, btw. But I think knitting socks for myself would be cool. I’m not doing this for fun ONLY. I’m doing this as a potential um, career. I might suck at doing this professionally. (G-d I hope not). However I know being creative will be therapeutic, something to do etc.

I just feel like I have to pick one thing. I have to focus. I know myself. It is like I have ADD (whether I really do or not…). I can’t do jewelry making and crocheting at the same time. Jewelry making is a huge category. Perhaps I can focus on only making a certain type of necklace. I don’t know. Obviously I’m thinking out loud right now. Part of me thinks I should just focus on crochet for at least a month. I know the basics but I can’t read a pattern. I’ve never even tried….

Oh well this is the summer or creativity.

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