even brighter than the moon

According to one Homes & Garden book, my decorating style is southwestern. Sounds right. It is colorful and has an antique vibe to it. I like looking at modern styles but I don’t have it in me to do it. If I could buy a place already modern, I would probably add a few things like COLOR.

I have dreams of decorating my house. But it isn’t a major goal so screw it…sorta. I did buy a few things at a great discount so I decided to try to fix it up a bit. My house has looked the same for 3 years and besides the colors, it doesn’t reflect me very much.

I guess I shouldn’t admit that I have a certificate in horticulture. I got it in 11th grade so…it doesn’t really count even though I spent two hours there everyday (and loved it). We did mostly indoor gardening and a few flower arrangements. I wish we would have spent more time on floral arrangements. All of us made one “expensive” item. I think the selling price for my project was $25. That isn’t expensive for a real flower arrangement but we were 16-18 years old.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned here my love of REAL flowers….but I can’t have them here since I adopted this cat. I can only do fake flowers on the porch and inside the house. Before I show my amatuer photos, I have to explain my love of Mexican art. I love their pottery. I am really into their clay pans and pots. They are so beautiful and can be brought all around Mexico. I do wonder how will I ever ship stuff back to the states if I buy stuff. (no date set…heh. Mexico is a dream!) Obviosuly pottery is heavy.

Well I did find two made in Mexico clay pedestal. Love them. The columns have “Mexico” and “Made in Mexico” engraved all over the bottom. They were on sale and I didn’t have to go to Mexico to get them. It was hard getting them into the house but I did it. I wanted to place them outside but since I get the Sunday paper, I’m sure they wouldn’t last long. They person throws my paper so hard. I’m glad I don’t have a breakable door. So for now they are inside. When I move (no date set…dream!), I want them to be a part of the landscaping.

2 pics of the 3 feet “columns”. I didn’t do a good job of getting the detail. I’m sure I’ll more pics soon.

column and vase

Of course I had to put something on them…….


not my best work


I’m obsessed with how plants always lean toward the light. Yes, my lily is fake but it is leaning….towards the painting but still!

Do not do this at home. I did this on a tiny budget. The colors don’t go well but I don’t care. I just wanted something on the stands. Oh yeah, ignore the dust/dirt.

EXAM and DENTIST time! fun, fun, fun tomorrow! I will blog about this later. Trust.

I registered for the crochet class at Michaels but ugh, I picked the intermediate class by mistake so I need to call them to switch to the beginner’s class which happens to fall on my birthday.

I have to cram now.

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