The power of lies

I don’t want to dwell on the negative but I do want to get my side out there. I’ve dealt with this my whole life! Geesh! Skip to the bottom of this entry to avoid the BS.

My coworkers thought I’d left so they talked about one of their favorite subjects: ME. To be fair, the people who are lucky enough to work at home came in and when they come in it is like chaos. The other people are over me (except for Mnx who loves to start stuff and JNx who sits near me and cannot stop talking). Anyhow, one of the supervisors said, “What a bitch!” about me. ROFL. I’m not upset over that. Okay, at the time I thought, “Damn, who can I tell to get her in trouble?” But I have some morals….one which is not getting people in trouble (tattling).

I’m blogging about this because the whole conversation was based on a lie. I hate that. The supervisor’s comment was a reply to what BNx said. When I was new, BNx was my trainer. She was awesome. 😦 Then she got new duties and had to stop training us (two people). We talked on the phone a lot. Have I mentioned that she works AT HOME. Due to my issues (social anxiety), that worked out great. There wasn’t pressure to have to talk to her everyday. When I think about it, that is probably my #1 issues with coworkers. I can’t get over on how to not freak out on knowing that I’m going to see them 5 days a week….

AND WTF DO I SAY?? That is all a part of SA. blah. blah. One day she came in from home. We saw each other face to face for the 1st time. I was my usual socially awkward self. *I* thought it went just okay but what I think is okay is usually seen otherwise by more social people. That is one thing I’ve learned over the years. It has made me jaded.

She went back home to work. We continued having phone meetings but by then I was no longer new so we mostly communicated by email. Then she came into to work about 3 months later. I was scared. What do I say to her? It was more like, Fuck! I can’t believe they are coming in. What if she expects me to be friendly/social??

The truth is, she never came up to me once. She was working on another floor since we don’t have enough work for the work-at-homers. We were in the same room for a meeting. I wanted to acknowledge her. She never looked at me and then I remembered how my manager mentioned she was “shy and quiet”. So I figured that was her defense mechanism. In other words, she was a little like me.

Then today, she threw me under the bus! :/ “She stopped talking to me when I stopped training her”. HUH? She works at home. As a rule the work at homers and the work in house people don’t converse. Even though we do the same things, there are definitely two groups. It doesn’t affect the work at all. When the homers (heh) come into the office, they do TALK. lol. Some more than others.

My point is, all this started over stupid shit. Why am I even blogging about? I’m going to leave this crap up. Just because….

I know what I’m doing on my two night, 3 day summer vacay. I know it very well. 😉 I wanted to go to a state I’ve never visited but with school, I had to stop with the travel books. It took me forever and a ton of research to plan my NYC trip last year. New York is sorta easy once you know how you are getting there and where you are staying. Easy is probably the wrong word. So many people visit and live there. I was so stuck at finding exactly where the hotel was that I randomly asked strangers on a message board. No, I don’t normally post on seedy places like that. THAT WAS A JOKE FFS! lol.

We are going to Virginia Beach….again. I always go with my mom on my on one trip a year to split the cost and she can’t drive so it is just nice. We have staued in this hotel once before. It is very nice. We got a deal…..and we also get a jacuzzi!!!!! Not that I’m into jacuzzis but that is supposed to be nice, right? It is a real suite with a kitchen, two separate rooms, oceanfront. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAH! I’m just stoked to have my own room. 😉

I’ll stop being obnoxious if that is possible. The following says it all:

Large Suites Sleep up to Six!
Designed with families in mind, our spacious beach rental suites sleep up to six people in total comfort. Each unit has two double beds and a full sized sleeper sofa in the separate living area. For your convenience, the suite’s kitchenette is equipped with a microwave and refrigerator. Additional amenities include high-speed Internet access, in-room safe, HBO, and onsite laundry facilities. The [hotel] offers everything you’ll need for your family’s unforgettable VA Beach vacation.

Private Balconies and a Jetted Tub in Every Room
Take a minute and imagine yourself kicking back on your private balcony to watch the waves embrace the sprawling Virginia Beach shoreline. And because all of our beach rental suites are oceanfront, every one of your vacation days begins with cool, sea breezes off the Atlantic.

And for the ultimate in relaxation, treat yourself to a luxurious soak in the generous 4’x5’ jetted tub featured in every room. There’s no better way to complement your adventure filled Virginia Beach holiday and just of thing to recharge your body, mind and spirit.

I have homework to do and I really have to finish the last of last week’s newspaper so I can get rid of it recycle it. Shout out to Earth Day.

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